A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3082

That’s why fighting is not allowed on this spirit ship, and no one dares to give up their own lives to fight with someone!

After knowing this, a few more cultivators couldn’t help but jump off the spirit ship, wanting to take in a Sacred Turtle as a mount!

These cultivators jumped on top of the Holy Turtle’s tortoise armour, and the Holy Turtle just barked and then carried those cultivators through the sea of ink!

The huge winds, waves and bumps caused many cultivators to fall inside the Ink Sea!

Those cultivators who fell into the water jumped back on top of the spirit ship, but everyone’s face was very ugly, so it was evident that there was indeed some kind of toxin in the seawater of this Ink Sea!

Seeing that although these people fell into the water, they didn’t suffer too much damage, so many people also put their hearts down!

If one could tame a Sacred Beast, that would also be something incomparably honourable!

Many cultivators jumped off the spirit ship, which made it so that there was a cultivator on each of those dozens of holy turtles!

The Sacred Turtles carried those cultivators and kept jumping and roaming, causing the spirit ship to stop.

Seeing this scene, the man in the bagua robe let out a long breath!

Because this spirit ship was wrapped up by the holy turtle again, I don’t know where to go back to, if lost in this ink sea, it would be fatal!

But soon, all these cultivators also returned to the spirit ship in a state of distress, no one was able to successfully tame the sacred turtle!

“Brother, can you tame this Sacred Turtle?”

Gao Qilan looked towards Kai and asked with a wink!

In front of Zhou Tai, Gao Qilan called Kai’s brother, but it was this brother that almost didn’t make Kai’s heart melt.

Although Gao Qilan was as cold as ice in the face of others, coupled with that icy cold aura on her body, it made everyone else not dare to approach easily!

But in front of Kai, Gao Qilan turned into a little woman’s demeanour!

Since she had chosen to follow Kai, she would have to do everything she could to please him!

“I don’t know ……”

Kai shook his head!

Kai didn’t know if he could tame this Sacred Turtle, after all, he hadn’t tried it either!

Although he also had the aura of the Beast Race on him, this Sacred Turtle was different from those demonic beasts, and Kai did not know if the aura of the Beast Race on him had any effect on this Sacred Turtle!

“A bunch of losers, it’s better for me to come ……”

Accompanied by a cold shout, that Demon Mountain Ghost Elder came forward clad in a black cloak!

Seeing this Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man, many people made a path, while Zhou Tai’s face became very ugly at the sight of this old guy!

After all, at the pier, he was the one who had smacked two of his guards and a servant to death with two slaps!

Looking at Zhou Tai’s expression, Kai asked “Are you still afraid of this old man? When he killed your men at the pier, I saw that you didn’t dare to make a sound?”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Tai immediately looked displeased and snorted coldly “Humph, how can I be afraid of him, our Zhou family has no one to be afraid of in this area.”

“I just don’t want to make a move at the pier, messing up the time to go out to sea, just wait for the spirit ship to return to the shore, I will definitely take the life of this old guy’s dog.”

Zhou Tai didn’t want to show fear in front of Gao Qilan!

As soon as Zhou Tai’s words fell, that Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man seemed to have heard it and turned around violently to look at Zhou Tai!

The Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man’s pair of horrifying eyes, when he looked at Zhou Tai, caused Zhou Tai’s body to just tremble, and cold sweat instantly flowed out from his forehead!

However, that Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man did not say anything, but leapt up and directly jumped off the spirit ship!

Seeing the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder jump off the spirit ship, Zhou Tai then wiped his cold sweat!

“What exactly is this old man’s identity that makes you scared straight into a cold sweat?”

Kai asked as he looked at Zhou Tai with a smile!

Zhou Tai this is also no longer hard mouth bragging, but said “This old man is the devil mountain ghost old, god dragon see the head and not see the tail, the means is very cruel, I heard that this guy eats the heart of a child, it is too scary ……”


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