A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3081

Although many people knew that although the Sacred Turtle was not ferocious, it was not easy to tame!

Still, there were people who couldn’t settle down and jumped down with a plop!

The sea water of the Ink Sea was pitch black, jumping into the Ink Sea was like jumping into the ink.

This cultivator did not touch the seawater, but jumped onto the back of a sacred turtle!

The Sacred Turtle, however, did not immediately attack the person like other demonic beasts!

Instead, it carried the cultivator and began to swim in the Sea of Ink!

The Sacred Turtle showed a great deal of excitement, and a checkerboard-like pattern appeared on top of the turtle armour, which also emitted a faint glow!

Along with the Holy Turtle’s rapid swimming and swaying, the cultivator’s body was shaking as if he was in the midst of a violent wind and huge waves!

Seeing this, that cultivator pulled out his general longsword and ruthlessly stabbed towards the turtle armour!

He wanted to fix the longsword on top of the turtle’s armour, and he could then grab the longsword and stabilise his body!

Seeing that this cultivator was going to stab the turtle armour with his long sword, someone above the spirit ship immediately shouted “Stop, don’t use force against the holy turtle, or else it will be dangerous ……”

But it was already too late, only to see that cultivator, a sword stabbed into the turtle armour!

The cultivator’s strength of the seventh grade of the Harmonisation realm, this sword stabbed down, afraid of tens of thousands of jin of force!

The Sacred Turtle let out a deafening roar, and the light on the turtle armour instantly erupted, like the sun suddenly exploding in front of everyone’s eyes.

The piercing light caused the crowd to all close their eyes!

When the light dispersed, the crowd saw that the cultivator on top of the tortoise armour, the longsword in his hand had long ago broken into two, while he himself was thrown up high by a force, followed by several water columns ejected from the nostrils of the holy tortoise!

The ink-black water columns were like sharp swords, hitting the cultivator’s body, instantly causing blood to splash on that cultivator’s body!
<br> <br> When the person wearing the bagua robe on top of the spirit ship saw this, he hurriedly threw out a rope, directly pulling the cultivator back into the spirit ship!

Everyone gathered around and looked at the cultivator who had several wounds shot out of his body by the water column!

Only to see that the cultivator’s wounds around, has long been black, and accompanied by a burst of bad odour, obviously due to the wound was infected!

The man wearing gossip robes went up to take a look, then shook his head and said “finished, hopeless ……”

“Although this holy beast will not actively harm people and is not ferocious, it does not mean that they do not have a temper, you can tame them without force.”

“But if you guys use force, this is the downfall, the seawater in that ink sea is extremely poisonous, as long as there is a wound it will be difficult to heal.”

“If you guys dare to kill these holy turtles with your ability, we will definitely all be in danger, in this Ink Sea, these holy beasts are the masters.”

As the crowd listened to the man’s words, they all fell silent!

To tame the Sacred Turtles, one could not use force, so this would be much more difficult!

“Hmph, these guys are really ignorant, if force can be used, then wouldn’t some experts be able to get a holy beast as a mount for everyone.”

“These holy beasts recognising their masters, but it’s very metaphysical, I heard that not only do we have to conquer them, but we also have to make these holy beasts recognise them in their ideology before they can do so.”

Zhou Tai looked at the miserably dead cultivator and said with a cold snort!

The death of a cultivator was simply nothing more than a small matter to the others!

After all, in this Celestial Realm, there were fights every day, and there were cultivators who died every day!

If they weren’t on top of a spirit ship at this time, it was estimated that many of them would have fought over some trivial matters as well!

However, this was on top of the spirit ship, if they really fought, the spirit ship couldn’t withstand it, and everyone suffered with it!


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