A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3080

It was only after the spirit ship stopped that the crowd realised that something was different, and when they looked down into the sea of ink, they found that a giant sea turtle was controlling the spirit ship!

“Holy Turtle, this is the Holy Turtle ……”

“I heard that if you take in a Sacred Turtle, you can casually cross this Ink Sea!”

“Why are there so many Sacred Turtles appearing? It seems like they’re stopping the spirit ship from advancing ……”

The crowd murmured.

Kai also looked at those large sea turtles and did not see anything special about them, wondering why all these people were shouting Holy Turtle.

At this time, Zhou Tai opened his mouth and said, “These big sea turtles are all holy beasts, compared to those demonic beasts, I don’t know how many times more precious.”

“These holy beasts are all spiritually intelligent and extremely docile, if you can tame one, then you will make a lot of money.”

“However, although the holy beasts are docile, but want to tame is much more difficult, these holy beasts are extremely proud, simply not willing to obey humans, some holy beasts will not be tamed even if they are killed.”

Zhou Tai followed Kai as they explained, causing Kai to know why they all followed the big sea turtle and called it a holy turtle!

“Then did the Cloud Piercing Sect tame this kind of Saint Turtle, so much so that they could easily cross the Ink Sea ……”

Ji Yun said with a furrowed brow!

Ji Yun had heard from his disciples that the Piercing Cloud Sect’s people were riding spirit turtles to sneak through the Sea of Ink, and it might be this kind of holy turtle!

“Not bad, I’ve also heard that that Piercing Cloud Sect somehow managed to get a batch of Sacred Turtles to cross the Ink Sea and sneak attack the flying zeppelins of the Flying Sky Sect.”

“It seems to have snatched quite a few airships, causing the Soaring Sky Sect to suffer heavy losses.”

“And that Soaring Sky Sect’s Patriarch, chasing after the Piercing Cloud Sect in a spirit ship, isn’t that silly? The other party has this kind of Sacred Turtle mount, how could a spirit ship possibly catch up!”

“I heard that the spirit ship sank and even his life was taken, this time the Fei Tian Sect is afraid to be destroyed!”

Zhou Tai didn’t even know that Ji Yun was the Fei Tian Sect’s youngest master, so he spoke tongue-in-cheek!

When Ji Yun heard this, his eyes were filled with anger, but he was gently pulled by Kai with his hand, he was afraid that Ji Yun would not be able to help himself!

Zhou Tai didn’t notice the change in Ji Yun’s expression and was still talking “If the Fei Tian Sect could have such a group of Sacred Turtles, there would be no need to be afraid of that Piercing Cloud Sect.”

“But that Piercing Cloud Sect isn’t very strong, I really don’t know what method was used to tame a batch of Sacred Turtles.”

Zhou Tai obviously felt very envious of the Piercing Cloud Sect having a batch of Sacred Turtles!

And right at this moment, the spirit ship, which was originally motionless, suddenly began to sway, and immediately after that, it shifted a direction and began to sail!

When the crowd saw this, they immediately panicked a little, as they realised that the spirit ship had changed course, all because of that holy turtle!

The staff on the spirit ship were all busy at this moment!

Only to see that at the highest point of the spirit ship, several people wearing bagua robes were chanting under their breath, and their hands were constantly strangling the spells!

The spirit ship began to continuously flicker with golden light, wanting to defend against those holy turtles.

Although the holy turtles did not attack the spirit ship, but they wrapped the spirit ship to change its course was also not possible.

One must know that the Ink Sea was already very dangerous, and if one were to go to unknown waters, no one would know what one would encounter!

A golden light resisted, but there was still no way to stop dozens of holy turtles from holding the spirit ship hostage!

Seeing this scene, a person wearing a bagua robe said loudly “Fellow Daoists, the sudden appearance of holy turtles here is also considered a kind of chance.”

“Whoever wants to tame a holy turtle, do it now, if you can tame a holy turtle, then you can cross the Ink Sea at will in the future.”

“And since these Saint Turtles live in the Ink Sea all year round, they definitely know where in the Ink Sea there will be treasures.”

“This kind of opportunity is rare, don’t you guys want to try?”

Accompanied by the man in the bagua robes finishing his sentence, there were immediately people who were dumbfounded!


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