A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3079

Inside Gao Qilan’s room!

Zhou Tai knocked on the door and shouted with a flattering face “Miss Gao, have you rested yet? In front of the ghost see worry, very spectacular, want to go to the deck to see ah?”

Gao Qilan heard, then opened the door of the room, Zhou Tai saw Gao Qilan, showed a look of a pug!

“You wait a moment ……”

Gao Qilan told Zhou Tai to wait for a while and then went to call out Kai and Ji Yun, Gao Qilan didn’t know what a Ghost Sighting was so she called on the two to take a look together!

“Ghost Seeing Sorrow, what is it?”

Kai asked to Zhou Tai in puzzlement!

“Oh, it’s a sea area, but this sea area has dark currents and whirlpools all year round, and there are also large demonic beasts making waves, so it’s very treacherous, and every time we arrive here, the various spirit ships will be in a state of worry, so it’s known as the Ghosts Seeing Sorrows.”

“But you guys don’t worry, this one of ours is the biggest spirit ship, so there are dark current whirlpools, and it doesn’t have any effect on us!”

“Now many people have already gone to the deck to watch, if they are lucky, they can even see the sight of a dragon sucking in water, although this Ink Sea is treacherous, the scenery is also very spectacular.”

Zhou Tai introduced vigorously, fearing that Gao Qilan would not go with him to the deck to watch!

Kai also became interested upon hearing this, so he nodded his head and said “Well then, let’s go up and take a look ……”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Tai happily led the way in front, while Gao Qilan directly sat on Kai’s arm and headed towards the deck!

When Zhou Tai saw this scene, he was only slightly stunned and relieved, after all, it was no big deal for a younger sister to be close to her brother!

When the few people arrived at the deck, they saw that it had already been filled with many people.

Kai, amongst the crowd, surprisingly spotted the man and woman once again, and these two also saw Kai, but they both just glanced at each other and then averted their eyes!

“Miss Gao, look, a whirlpool in this sea of ink, how spectacular ……”

Zhou Tai excitedly introduced after Gao Qilan!

Kai they looked and found that indeed, in the Sea of Ink, a whirlpool was constantly rotating, seemingly devouring everything!

These whirlpools were both large and small, and a huge suction force emanated from that whirlpool!

However, when this huge spirit ship passed above the vortex, it was instantly crushed apart by that vortex!

The spirit ship was huge, there was no way for that vortex to suck the spirit ship in, plus the spirit ship had a formation powering it up and a faint light flickering around it, so it wasn’t afraid at all!

“Miss Gao, see, this spirit ship of ours is the biggest and safest, so you don’t have to be afraid!”

Zhou Tai said smugly, as if this spirit ship was his!

At some point, a large black cloud came crushing down from the sky, making the crowd unable to tell if it was day or night!

The sky was black clouds while the underground was pitch black seawater, this one spirit ship was as if it was travelling through a black curtain!

“Dragon sucking water, look at the dragon sucking water ……”

Someone suddenly shouted out loud!

Soon the crowd all looked in the direction of the ship’s bow, and sure enough, they saw a huge column of water that shot straight up into the middle of the clouds!

Because the sea of ink is black, so this water column is also black, only to see the black water column continues to rise, and then connected to the black clouds in the mid-air!

Just as the crowd was all attracted by the dragon sucking in the water, around the spirit ship, huge water bubbles began to roll up continuously.

The crowd didn’t notice this anomaly and were still attracted by the dragon sucking water!

Amidst the tumbling of those huge water bubbles, a huge sea turtle soon appeared!

These sea turtles were all very huge, as many as dozens of them!

Dozens of sea turtles surrounded the spirit ship, surprisingly causing the spirit ship’s forward speed to become slower and slower, and in the end, it directly stopped!


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