A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3078

The man comforted the woman!

“But what if that person is from the Inferno Demon Clan? You have to know that our Blood Demon Clan and the Inferno Demon Clan have traditionally been at odds.”

The woman still said with worry!

“Impossible, the Yan Devil clan is far away in the far north, and it’s been years since we’ve seen a devil cultivator from the Yan Devil clan, so how could it be such a coincidence that we ran into one today.”

“You don’t want to be imagining things, this time we sneaked out just to cure your bloodlust, the more you are imagining things like this, the more unfavourable it will be for your illness.”

The man gently patted the woman’s shoulder to comfort her!

“En!” The woman nodded!

But right at this moment, the woman’s brows suddenly furrowed, followed by her expression becoming pained as she began to suffer, and her face was even bulging with veins, and her eyes became bloodshot!

The woman was trembling and her face was even more hideous, her mouth was growing two fangs in rapid succession!

When the man saw this, he didn’t seem to panic, as if he had already seen it coming!

Only to see the man pull out a dagger and slash viciously on his arm, blood instantly spurting out!

Immediately after the man dripped the blood into the woman’s mouth, along with the blood continuously flowing into the woman’s mouth, the woman’s expression slowly recovered!

Soon, the woman recovered again, and that hideous face became churlish!

Looking at the wounds on the man’s arm, the woman showed a great deal of heartache and self-blame!

There were already quite a few scars on the man’s arm, and it was obvious that they were all caused by this!

“Elder brother, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I couldn’t control myself ……”

The woman bandaged the man and cried!

“Don’t cry, Elder brother knows that you couldn’t control yourself, you don’t have to blame yourself, even though you have bloodlust, you’ve never hurt anyone.”

The man said with a faint smile!

“Elder brother, why don’t we go back, maybe my dad has a way to cure it, if this continues, sooner or later I will suck your blood dry.”

The woman somewhat regretted coming out, she wanted to go back!

“No, if Master knows that you are suffering from bloodlust from secretly practising the Blood Demon Technique, he will definitely incinerate you.”

“How many masters and brothers have been disposed of in this way, even if you are Master’s daughter, Master will not be merciful.”

“Master once said that we can be the unholy demon race in the eyes of others, but we can never really do unholy things.”

“The identity of the Demon Clan is not something we can choose, but how we want to do things, we can choose.”

The man said to the woman with a serious face!

The woman was dumbfounded by what was said and could only remain silent!

“Senior sister, don’t worry, this time I will definitely find a way to cure your bloodlust ……”

After saying that, the man gently swept the woman into his arms!

But just after taking the woman into his arms, the man’s face suddenly changed and he hurriedly pushed the woman away!

“Senior sister, stay inside the room, don’t walk around!”

After the man finished speaking, he violently opened the door of the room!

Only to see that outside the door of the room, there stood an old man covered in black robes, the old man’s face was very dry, only a pair of eyes looked very godly!

Seeing the man suddenly opened the door of the room, but the old man grinned and said “boring, really boring, still thought I could listen to the sound of the cave, did not expect to be found by you ……”

The old man finished, but also did not forget to glance towards the woman in the room, and then turned around and left.

The man looked at the old man’s back, his face hard to see!

The woman also had a horrified expression when she saw the old man’s face!

The man walked into the room and slammed the door back shut!

“Senior brother, why is this Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man here?”

The woman said with wide eyes and great fear!

“I don’t know, but on top of the spirit ship, he wouldn’t dare to act recklessly and do anything to us, otherwise the spirit ship will be destroyed and it’s all over, don’t be too nervous!”

The man comforted the woman, but the man’s complexion at this time was also very ugly!


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