A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 3077

Kai and Ji Yun also returned to their respective rooms to rest!

Soon, with a roar, the spirit ship started up, and the pitch-black and incomparable sea was instantly slashed by a wave!

On the pier, there were still many cultivators who didn’t have a ticket, watching the spirit ship sail away, and one by one, their faces were filled with envy!

Because this was the biggest spirit ship and the safest spirit ship!

The departure of the spirit ship caused many cultivators to walk out of their rooms!

Kai was no exception and walked out of his room, wanting to see the scene outside the spirit ship!

But just as he stepped out of the room, he saw in a man and a woman pass by in front of him!

The man was dressed in light blue and looked very conspicuous!

The woman, on the other hand, was dressed in black, and her head was covered with a black veil!

As they passed in front of Kai, the two men obviously paused for a moment, while the woman could not help but glance towards Kai!

Kai also frowned slightly and looked the two people up and down!

However, no one said anything, and the two only paused for a moment before heading towards the upper floors, it was clear that these two lived higher up and in a better environment!

“Demon cultivators?”

Kai looked at the backs of the two as he sensed the demonic aura of the two!

Although the two had hidden it well, it was still gapped by Kai, after all, Kai also had a demonic aura on him, so he would be more sensitive to demonic aura than others!

Kai turned around and returned to the room, but at this time Ochre Yan spoke up “Mr Chen, those two people just now are demonic cultivators ……”

“En, I can feel it, do you know which clan of devil cultivators they belong to?”

Although Kai knew that these two were devil cultivators, he was not sure which clan they belonged to!

After all, the Devil Race was also divided into many clans!

As far as Kai himself knew, the devil clan had the great devils of Inferno Devil, Blood Devil, Yin Devil, and Wind Devil, as for the other great devils, although Kai did not know, the devil clan definitely had more!

“This I don’t know, I can’t feel it, but it’s definitely not from the Inferno Demon clan, if it was from the Inferno Demon clan, I would have known.”

Ochre Yan said truthfully!

“I didn’t expect that there is a devil clan mixed in on top of this spirit ship, it seems that there might be trouble behind.”

Kai said with a gloomy expression!

After all, the devil race nowadays was a street rat that everyone was shouting at, not to mention how good or bad these two devil races were, if the cultivators on the spirit ship found out that they were devil races, they would definitely fight!

But this is above the Ink Sea, unlike on land, although this spirit ship is big enough, like a small mountain, and there are also formations to add, but also simply can not carry the Harmonisation realm cultivators to fight!

By then, if the spirit ship was destroyed, then everyone would have to suffer with it!

Just as Kai was thinking about that man and woman, those two people were also talking about him at the same time!

“Elder brother, the person we just encountered actually had a demonic aura on his body, I didn’t think that we were not the only ones to be mixed in on this spirit ship.”

The woman dressed in black said with some surprise!

“Senior sister, the priority now is to find a way to cure the bloodlust in your body, don’t think much about other things.”

“It’s been so many years since the God-Demon War, it’s only normal for many demonic cultivators to reintegrate into life.”

“As long as we hide the aura on our bodies well, we won’t be discovered.”

A man in a blue shirt said!

“Senior brother, I’m afraid that the man just now will reveal our identities, it’s obvious that he’s already detected the demonic aura on us.”

“After all, no matter how well we hide, there’s no way we can escape the probing of our fellow clan members.”

The woman said worriedly!

“Don’t worry, since he is also a devil cultivator, he won’t denounce us, in that case, wouldn’t he himself be exposed.”


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