A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3076

“Treasure land?” Gao Qilan was filled with confusion.

“Of course, this Mo Hai is rumoured to be very dangerous outside, so very few people come, it’s because of this that the various treasures in this part of Mo Hai are undiscovered, if it wasn’t for the fact that the Mo Hai had set off a monstrous wave some time ago, causing some of the treasures to be washed up on the shore to be picked up by people, there wouldn’t have been so many people searching for the treasures.”

“There aren’t so many people in the Ink Sea every year, it’s all because of the news spread out by the people who saw the treasures that attracted so many people.”

Speaking here, Zhou Tai was obviously a little angry!

“According to you, wouldn’t this within the Ink Sea be a huge treasure?”

Kai asked!

“Of course, within the Sea of Ink is certainly a huge treasure, only that I have never seen anyone enter the Sea of Ink.”

“At most, they would just take a spirit ship and salvage some floating treasures, or go to an island within the Ink Sea to look for a chance.”

“Whoever dares to go into the sea is looking for death, there is absolutely no chance of survival!”

Zhou Tai nodded his head and said!

“Then what happened two days ago when it was said that a spirit ship sank?”

Ji Yun saw that Zhou Tai knew so much about the Mo Hai, so he hurriedly asked!

He wanted to know if something had really happened to his father!

“I’ve also heard about this matter, there are so many changes above the Ink Sea that anything can happen, and there are also quite a few demonic beasts in the Ink Sea, so it’s possible for the spirit ship to sink, if anything.”

“Otherwise, on top of this spirit ship, why would there be any need to lay down huge magic formations, as well as this boat ticket being so expensive.”

“But you guys don’t worry, this spirit ship of ours is the biggest spirit ship, although the ticket is expensive, but it is also the safest, besides you guys follow me, absolutely nothing will go wrong, it’s not the first time I’ve crossed the Ink Sea!”

Zhou Tai assured with a confident face, obviously he was saying this to Gao Qilan, wanting to show himself in front of Gao Qilan!

When Ji Yun heard Zhou Tai’s words, his mood became even heavier, if his father was really killed, the Fei Tian Sect would have to rely on him to carry the load in the future!

However, Ji Yun knew his own strength, and was afraid that in the future, the Fei Tian Sect would fall into disrepute!

“Sir Zhou, thank you ah, I want to rest.”

Gao Qilan gave an expulsion order to Zhou Tai, after all, Zhou Tai was here, there were a lot of things that could not be said!

“Miss Gao take a rest first, after that I will take you to the deck for a swim, even though this Ink Sea is pitch black, there is a different kind of scenery.”

Zhou Tai finished and led the people to retreat out!

After Zhou Tai left, Gao Qilan then looked at Kai and asked “Kai, if I were your woman now, would you still let me sell my lust and get you boat tickets?”

Kai was stunned, then thought for a moment and said “Don’t make me sound so bad, this is not called selling your lust, it doesn’t let you really do anything.”

“Regardless of whether you are my woman or not, if there really is a man who is plotting against you, I will fight to the death to get him.”

Kai’s words made Gao Qilan smile and feel much more comfortable in her heart!

“Have a good rest, I reckon soon that Zhou Tai will be looking for you, isn’t it good that we have one more free guide!”

Kai said with a smile!

Gao Qilan glanced at Kai “Kai, remember, I’m near that Zhou Tai, but it’s all for your sake, if that Zhou Tai does anything to me, I won’t spare you ……”

“Don’t worry, if he dares to touch a single finger of yours, I will let his soul be destroyed!” Kai assured!

Although Zhou Tai was at the peak of the Harmonisation Realm, Kai was not afraid now!

Kai followed Ji Yun and left, allowing Gao Qilan to get some rest!

“You don’t have to be too upset, now whether your father was really shipwrecked or not, who can say, maybe we can run into each other on the Sea of Mo!”

Seeing Ji Yun’s bad mood, Kai comforted Ji Yun!

“En!” Ji Yun nodded vigorously!

He could only rely on Kai now, as there were some things that Ji Yun knew he had no way of dealing with!


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