A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3075

When the two guards saw this, they were furious and charged directly towards the old man!

When Zhou Tai saw this scene, he also frowned, his face incomparably ugly!

The two guards rushed forward, but they were hit directly in the chest by the old man’s double palms, and after a mouthful of blood was sprayed out, they also died directly!

A servant and two guards were killed, Zhou Tai finally became angry!

Leading the people, he directly rushed over!

“Dare to kill my Zhou Family’s people at will, looking for death ……”

Zhou Tai was furious, and the aura of the peak of the Harmonisation Realm erupted from his body, instantly setting off a gale!

The gust of wind blew, causing the old man’s hat that was clasped on his head to be blown off, and a dry and wrinkled face was revealed, with two sunken eyes and a deep-set mouth, just like a skeleton!

Upon seeing this old man’s appearance, Zhou Tai, who was originally furious, instantly wilted and did not dare to say a word!

The old man snorted coldly, reattached his hat to his head, and then boarded the spirit ship!

Kai, who was not far away, saw this and knew that this old man must have come from a not-so-small background, and his strength definitely exceeded the Harmonisation Realm!

Afterwards glancing at the three dead people on the ground, Kai and Ji Yun walked over and surprisingly rummaged through the corpses to find the boat tickets!

These people were with Zhou Tai and definitely had boat tickets on them!

Now the people were dead, so the boat tickets could not be used!

Zhou Tai’s face turned red with anger when he saw that someone was actually rummaging through his men’s bodies in front of him!

Just because he didn’t dare to make a move on that old man didn’t mean he didn’t dare to make a move on someone else!

What’s more, Kai was only the fifth rank of the Harmonisation Realm, while Ji Yun was only the seventh rank of the Harmonisation Realm, Zhou Tai was not afraid in the slightest!

“You two have great guts to snatch my boat ticket in front of me.”

The aura from Zhou Tai’s body enveloped towards the two!

“People are dead, what use is a boat ticket, why don’t you let us use it.”

Kai said to Zhou Tai!

“Even if I destroy the boat ticket, I won’t allow anyone else to use it!”

After Zhou Tai finished speaking, the few guards behind him instantly surrounded Kai and Ji Yun!

“Sir Zhou, stop, these are my two brothers, accompanying me.”

Seeing this, Gao Qilan hurriedly said loudly!

Upon hearing this, Zhou Tai hurriedly withdrew his breath, then glanced at Gao Qilan and said “Miss Gao, these two are your brothers?”

“Yes, they don’t have boat tickets either, that’s why.”

Gao Qilan nodded and said!

“Since it’s Miss Gao’s brother, I’m really sorry, you guys take the boat ticket, anyway, they are all dead and can’t be used.”

Zhou Tai’s attitude, a hundred and eighty degree change!

For the dead servant and the two guards, Zhou Tai did not care in the slightest!

For them, the death of a few servants was no different from the death of a few ants!

Now that Kai and the others had their boat tickets, there was no need to be grabbing the others’, so several people began to board the boat!

After entering that huge spirit ship, Kai realised that there was simply a different world inside!

After flashing their boat tickets, a staff member led them towards the upper floors!

With each upward layer, the spirit ship’s interior decoration became much more luxurious!

It could be seen that on the topmost floor of this spirit ship, it should be the best!

Kai stopped when they reached the fifth floor, and then the guide found their room!

Because it would take many days of sailing to get through the Ink Sea, the cabins on the upper floors had separate rooms!

The cabins below, however, were all seats, and the environment seemed a bit harsh!

“Miss Gao, if you need anything, just tell me, on top of this spirit ship, there is everything.”

“Also you guys should be coming to the Ink Sea for the first time, so you’re not familiar with it, in fact, this Ink Sea isn’t as scary as the rumours!”

“On the contrary, this Mo Sea is a treasure land ah ……”

Zhou Tai said with a smile!


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