A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3074

“This young lady, our family’s son has an invitation and wishes to travel with you ……”

At this moment, a servant-like cultivator walked over and followed Gao Qilan!

“Your family’s male son?”

Gao Qilan was slightly stunned!

“Yes, our Duke Zhou would like to invite you to take a dip in the Sea of Ink together!”

The servant pointed towards a short distance away and said!

Gao Qilan looked in the direction of the pointing and found a man in a white tunic, smiling and waving towards her, looking poised!

Gao Qilan wanted to refuse, but saw Kai making a wink towards himself!

She instantly understood what Kai meant, and then said with a slight smile “Then please lead the way in front ……”

The servant nodded and led Gao Qilan over, while Kai and Ji Yun followed not far behind!

Seeing Gao Qilan walking over, the man instantly straightened his clothes and then said with a smile on his face “This young lady, taking the liberty of inviting you, I hope you won’t be offended, my surname is Zhou, my name is Zhou Tai, I don’t know what this young lady’s name is?”

“My name is Gao Qilan ……”

Gao Qilan said truthfully!

“Gao Qilan, what an elegant name, I wonder who Miss Gao came to Mo Hai with? Is it possible to travel together?”

Zhou Tai asked!

“I followed my two brothers here, I would have liked to follow Mr Zhou, but it’s just a pity that we didn’t buy a boat ticket, so there’s no way we can follow Mr Zhou!”

Gao Qilan had a helpless expression.

Seeing Gao Qilan’s expression, Zhou Tai instantly smiled and said “No boat tickets, how hard can it be, wait for me to fix a few for you.”

Zhou Tai finished speaking and then glanced at his servant!

The servant then took two guards and walked towards the people lining up to board the ship!

After sweeping a glance, then that servant pulled out a cultivator from it whose figure looked soft and not very strong!

“Kid, hand over the boat ticket, our Prince Zhou wants it!”

That servant said in a condescending manner!

Although the boat ticket is anonymous and can be snatched, but to snatch it in public at the pier, this is too blatant, it can be seen that this Zhou family should have a certain amount of strength, otherwise this Zhou Tai wouldn’t have dared to do this!

“What do you guys want to do? In front of so many people, just blatantly robbing?”

The cultivator said with a few moments of panic in his eyes!

“Who said I robbed, I was buying your ticket.”

Saying that, that servant took out his spirit coins and threw them on the ground, then picked up that cultivator with one hand and had someone retrieve the boat ticket from it!

Seeing this, that cultivator didn’t dare to say anything more, with little strength and no family behind him, a loose cultivator like this is an existence to be bullied!

After getting his hands on him, that servant became even more arrogant, and then he looked at the people in the queue!

Many cultivators lowered their heads, unwilling to provoke right and wrong at this time!

At this time, an old man wearing a black robe that reeked of a foul odour entered that servant’s line of sight.

Seeing this, the servant directly walked towards the old man, snatching the boat ticket also always need to find a good bully to start with!

He felt that this old man was a good bully!

“Old man, take out the boat ticket!”

The servant said to the old man!

“Why should I give it to you?” The old man looked at the servant and yawned!

A stench came to his face, causing the servant to cover his nose at once and said with a hideous expression “Damn, it stinks to death, hand over the boat ticket and I can spare you from death ……”

But the servant’s words had just finished, when he saw the old man’s pair of black palms suddenly probed out, as if lightning generally towards the servant to draw!

That servant’s face changed, he didn’t even have time to react before he was smacked in the face!

Slap …………

With a crunching sound, that servant’s head was instantly smacked in all directions, directly dying!

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked!

No one would have thought that an unassuming smelly old man would have this kind of strength in one slap!


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