A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3073

“Young master, the Piercing Cloud Sect has obtained a batch of Spirit Turtles from somewhere, and these Spirit Turtles can travel freely through the Ink Sea without fear of the winds and waves of the Ink Sea.”

“It’s also because of this that they stole our airships and seized many of our airships.”

That Fei Tian Sect disciple explained!

“Spirit Turtles?” Ji Yun fell silent!

“Ji Yun, it’s better for us to figure out the situation now and then go out to the sea to explore, maybe your father and the others aren’t alright!”

Kai spoke up at this time!

He knew that Ji Yun was all confused at this point and had no idea what he should do!

“Alright, let’s go out to sea and see what’s going on!”

Ji Yun nodded and then looked at that Fei Tian Sect disciple and said “You go and purchase a few boat tickets right away, I want to go out to sea ……”

When that Fei Tian Sect disciple heard this, he was immediately worried “Young master, in recent times, there are no boat tickets, they have long been sold out.”

“After the rumour of a treasure emerging from the Ink Sea, so many people have come that the tickets for the Spirit Ship are sold at sky-high prices, and the demand also exceeds the supply.”

“Damn, what a waste, don’t you guys know to reserve a few?” Ji Yun cursed in anger when he heard this!

“Without boat tickets, we can’t go out to sea?”

Kai asked in confusion!

“Not without boat tickets, but there is another way to get boat tickets.”

Ji Yun whispered!

“What way? Buy it from someone else at a high price?”

Kai asked!

Ji Yun shook his head “That would be to rob, anyway, the boat ticket is not anonymous, whoever gets it in their hands, it’s theirs.”

When Kai heard this, this was a good idea, just grab two directly from other people’s hands!

Anyway, in the Celestial Realm, this was not even a matter!

“Where are we going to grab them?” At this time, Gao Qilan came to be interested!

“Of course it’s to the pier, only those who have bought the tickets will go there to get ready to board the ship.”

Ji Yun said!

Soon, the three of them walked towards the pier, and when they approached the pier, Kai then realised that there were several spirit ships parked at the pier, and all around the ships were flickering with a faint light, and it was obvious that they had been laid with formations!

One of the spirit ships was tens of metres tall, just like a large mountain!

Many people lined up to start boarding the ship, it was this huge spirit ship that they stomped on!

And around the pier, there were many people sneaking around, and at a glance, they were all just like Kai and the others, ready to take advantage of the opportunity to steal the boat tickets!

“Damn, the boat tickets for several days later are sold out, this is too fast ……”

A big man frowned and cursed, obviously not having bought a boat ticket as well!

“Nowadays this people all want money but not life, the Ink Sea is so dangerous, as soon as they hear there are treasures, they all flock to the sea, they are not afraid of dying at sea.”

“I heard that a few days ago a spirit ship sank, killing hundreds of cultivators, it’s tragic.”

“Maybe it’s our good fortune that we didn’t buy a ticket!”

Many cultivators who did not buy the boat tickets complained and consoled each other!

And Kai’s arrival of them instantly caught the attention of these cultivators!

It was mainly Gao Qilan, dressed in a clean white dress, coupled with the icy cold aura on her body, it was very alluring!

“Too beautiful, such a beautiful woman, has she also come to the Ink Sea to venture out?”

“It’s too bad if this is buried in the Ink Sea!”

Many cultivators, their eyes looked straight at Gao Qilan, and slurred, making Gao Qilan’s face slightly angry!

More and more cultivators looked at Gao Qilan, looking at Gao Qilan’s slim figure and snow-white skin, like a fairy descending to earth!

Especially the unique icy cold aura on Gao Qilan’s body was even more appealing!

Just Gao Qilan’s appearance made many cultivators gulp and stare, even some female cultivators were envious and ashamed of themselves!


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