A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3072

On the other hand, Kai, followed by Ji Yun, was travelling to Mo Hai in a dirigible!

Because of the long distance, coupled with the fact that the dirigible they were travelling in was broken and small, the flying speed was rather slow!

Kai sat on top of the dirigible, and with this rare free time, he began to comb through his various Origin Breaths!

This trip to the far north, having the Origin Space and also sensing several kinds of Origin Breaths, this was considered to be the biggest gain!

There was also the Demon Drawing Whip, this ancient divine weapon would also allow Kai to be more comfortable when he encountered the Demons!

Kai sat cross-legged and closed his eyes while his consciousness entered the Origin Space!

Looking at the radiant river of stars, and the countless grey stars, Kai felt a tingle in his scalp!

One’s Origin Space was so huge and possessed so many grey stars, how many Origin Breaths did one need to sense in order to light up the entire river of stars!

“Mr Chen …………”

Right after Kai’s consciousness entered the Origin Space, Ochre Yan suddenly spoke!

“What’s wrong?” Kai looked at Ochre Yan and asked!

“Mr Chen, your Origin Breath is so vast, I wonder if I can cultivate with the help of Mr Chen’s Fire Origin?”

“However, I swear that I have absolutely no other intentions, and I will definitely not betray Mr Chen.”

“Over this period of time, I’ve come to know that Mr Chen is not an ordinary person, but a dragon and phoenix amongst men, so it would be an honour for me to serve Mr Chen!”

Ochre Yan said with great sincerity!

Although Ochre Yan only had a trace of his divine soul left to reside in Kai’s sea of consciousness right now, but Kai could release him at any time as long as he wished.

All Ochre Yan needed to do was to find a physical body, or an elixir for physical rebirth, and he would be able to fully recover!

Therefore, Ochre Yan did not want to waste the time for cultivation, mainly because Kai’s Fire Origin Breath could help Ochre Yan to rapidly increase his strength, after all, Ochre Yan was also of the Inferno Demon lineage, and cultivated the Fire Technique!

“Of course, as long as you follow me honestly, I will find a chance to let you recover your physical body.”

Kai agreed painfully!

“Thank you Mr Chen, I will definitely go through fire and water for Mr Chen!”

Ochre Yan said with a face full of excitement!

I don’t know how long it took, but Kai was shouted out from the sea of consciousness by Ji Yun!

When Kai opened his eyes, he realised that within a hundred miles in front of him, it was dark and gloomy!

“What is this?” Kai was surprised!

“Mr Chen, the Sea of Ink has arrived, this black and murky piece is the Sea of Ink ……”

Ji Yun said!

Kai fixed his eyes and saw that it was indeed an oceanic sea, except that the sea water was ink-black and continuously extended into the distance!

Soon, the airship slowly descended and landed in a place similar to a small town, where there were quite a few houses, but all of them were rather dilapidated!

Above a square at the very centre of this town, several huge airships stayed there, these were all the flying airships of the Flying Sky Sect!

Because the Sea of Mo was a no-fly zone, these airships could not fly directly over the Sea of Mo and could only stop here!

When Kai and their blimps stopped, immediately a disciple of the Fei Tian Sect who had stayed behind ran over!

“Young master ……”

That Flying Sky Sect left behind disciple shouted respectfully!

“Is there still no news from my father?”

Ji Yun asked with a frown!

That Fei Tian Sect disciple shook his head “There is still no news from the Sovereign, I heard rumours that the spirit ship that the Sovereign and the others were sitting on, sank in the middle of the Ink Sea.”

When Ji Yun heard this, his body just shook, trying to suppress the grief in his heart, he knew that he couldn’t fall down now, because the Fei Tian Sect was depending on him!

“Tell me in detail, what is going on? Could it be that the Cloud Piercing Sect’s can just cross the Sea of Ink?”

Ji Yun didn’t understand, his father’s spirit ship sank, could that Cloud Piercing Sect’s be fine?


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