A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3071

Huben heard, also reacted, now Yihe have lost their power, they do not need to be afraid!

Thinking of this Huben, the panic on his face disappeared, then he revealed a cold smile “Demon Emperor, now that you have lost all your powers, I didn’t think that you would still dare to come back, but seeing as you and I have been masters and servants for many years, I can not kill you.”

“But you have to find Princess Isha and let her marry me, in that case, you are my old husband, you can continue to enjoy your happiness in this Demon Emperor City.”

Yihe looked at Huben’s appearance and couldn’t help but reveal a cold smile!

“Just with you, you also want to marry Isha?”

Yi He’s eyes were filled with disdain, and casually waved his hand!

A terrifying aura suddenly erupted, and the great general of Ming Li Royal City, who had just told Hu Ben not to be afraid, couldn’t even react in time, and his entire person instantly exploded!

For a moment, in the great hall, blood mist filled the air, and that great general of Ming Li Royal City directly disappeared!

Seeing this scene from Huben, he was instantly dumbfounded!

He didn’t expect that Ich had regained his strength, and those great generals of the Ming Li Royal City also had huge changes in their faces!

Now that Yi Hyuk had regained his strength, it wasn’t something that these pawns of theirs could deal with!

A few of the great generals of Ming Li Royal City looked at each other, then desperately rushed towards the outside!

They only thought of escaping, as long as they could escape back to Ming Li Royal City, they would be able to save their lives!

Looking at the several great generals who were rushing outwards, Yi He surprisingly did not move at all!

Only seeing a gust of breath erupt from Yihe’s body, the few generals who were originally fleeing for their lives felt their shoulders sink, and all of them instantly slumped to the ground!

It was as if a huge mountain had been pressed on each of them, and they couldn’t climb up anyhow!

Boom Boom Boom …………

Only a burst of explosions were heard, and the bodies of the several great generals of the Ming Li Royal City were all crushed by the aura, and all of them were turned into a mist of blood!

Yihe dealt with them, pressure simply do not use hands, after all, the strength gap is too large!

Huben looked at everything in front of him, and his entire body shook particularly badly!

Plop ……

Huben knelt down on both knees, then desperately began to beg for mercy!

“Demon Emperor spare my life, Demon Emperor spare my life ah, I was blinded by that Li Xing and only did this kind of thing, please Demon Emperor surround my life ……”

Huben kowtowed and begged for mercy!

However, Yihe’s eyes, there was not the slightest mercy, for this kind of traitor, Yihe would not give him a chance!

Only to see Ich a hand, a huge suction force, making Hu Ben instantly to Ich’s hand!

Huben was being carried by Ichor’s collar, and he didn’t even have the ability to struggle a bit!

IH carried Hu Ben slowly out of the palace, and the guards of the Imperial City wherever they passed, all of them kneeled down and worshipped!

Only after walking to the city gates of the Demon Emperor City did Yi He stop!

Huben’s face was pale, he didn’t know how Yihe was going to clean him up!

At this time, Huben’s trousers were wet!

“Come on people …………”

Ich bellowed!

A team of armoured guards rushed in and knelt in front of Ich!

“Hang this traitor above the city gates, I’m going to let him hang there for all eternity, I’m going to use him to warn everyone that this is what happens when you’re a traitor ……”

Ich threw Huben to the ground with one hand!

When Huben heard this, he panicked, right now he was only asking for death, he didn’t want to be hung on the city gates for eternity, unable to die even if he wanted to, and become a target for all to spit on!

“No …… no …… kill me, kill me ……”

Huben yelled, he wanted Yihe to kill him!

Only Yi Hyuk didn’t even look at him, but turned around and walked towards the imperial city!

Huben wanted to chase after him, but he was held down by a team of guards, and then hung high above the city gates!

In the future, Huben would be subjected to the wind and sun for eternity, suffering from all kinds of tortures, but not being able to die!

At this moment, Huben may have regret in his heart, but it is already too late!


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