A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 3070

“I know, you also need to watch out for that Knight King and prevent the Ming Knight King City from launching an attack on the Demon Emperor City.”

Kai said!

Yi He nodded and then prepared to leave with a few girls!

“Kai, I …… want to join you ……”

At this time, Gao Qilan spoke in a small voice!

She had travelled a long way from the extreme north just to follow Kai, and now that Kai had cast her aside, she felt that she would be bored!

“Miss Gao, that land of the Ink Sea is very dangerous, and I don’t understand that place, so I’m afraid you’ll be in danger if you follow me.”

“Not to mention that I have offended the Demon Sealing Alliance, it’s possible that people from the Demon Sealing Alliance are now chasing me everywhere!”

Kai said truthfully!

“I’m not afraid, since I chose to follow you, I’m not afraid of danger, if you are really killed, then I will follow with my death ……”

Gao Qilan’s eyes were filled with determination, expressing her love for Kai.

Looking at Gao Qilan’s eyes, Kai did not know what to do for a while!

After all, Liu Ruyan, Fire Phoenix, Yu Jiameng were all there, and they definitely wanted to follow him, so if he promised Gao Qilan, what about the others?

Kai could not favour one over the other, and with all these women following him, it would definitely be very dangerous!

“Master, let sister Qilan follow you, let’s go to Demon Emperor City.”

“After all, Sister Qilan hasn’t slept with you yet, you always have to let people have a taste of it ah ……”

“Otherwise people a big girl, for nothing to follow you ah ……”

Fire Phoenix saw the concern in Kai’s heart and said!

Fire Phoenix’s words, which were not light or heavy, immediately made Gao Qilan’s face blush!

Kai was also embarrassed, gently coughed and said, “Alright, let Miss Gao follow me, you guys go back to Demon Emperor City with Yi He, don’t run around, after I finish dealing with Mo Hai’s matter, I will go to look for you!”

The three women all nodded, and after instructing Kai to be careful, they followed Yi He on the road to Demon Emperor City!

Ji Yun, on the other hand, followed Kai and Gao Qilan and boarded the airship towards the direction of the Mo Hai!

At this moment, within the palace of the Demon Imperial City, Huben was hosting a banquet!

On top of the banquet were several generals from the Ming Li Royal City, all of whom had come to assist Huben in taking charge of the Demon Imperial City!

Speaking of assisting, they were actually treating Huben as a puppet, and Li Xing was trying to get the entire Ming Li Royal City to annex the Demon Imperial City!

At Huben’s side, two very s*xy women were constantly pouring wine into Huben!

These two women were also sent by Li Xing, in order to make Huben forget about that Princess Isa!

Huben is also not polite, in the banquet, on the two women up and down, do not care about other people’s eyes, now he is the Demon Emperor, in the entire Demon Emperor City, he is the biggest!

Just when Hu Ben was immersed in the tenderness of the two women, suddenly the sky became dark and a gust of wind began to howl!

“Why has the sky suddenly changed?”

Huben looked out of the window, somewhat surprised!

Accompanied by a gust of wind, the gate of the palace was suddenly blown open, and a silhouette slowly walked in from outside!

Looking at the silhouette that walked in, Hu Ben frowned, a few doubts in his eyes!

However, after the silhouette walked into the hall, Tiger Ben’s eyes snapped round and fear filled his eyes!

“Demon …… Demon Emperor ……”

Tiger Ben directly pushed the two women aside and looked at Yihe in shock!

He didn’t expect that the Ikh Demon Emperor had returned!

In the great hall, those great generals of the Ming Li Royal City, when they saw the Ichor Demon Emperor, they were all stunned as well, and then they got up and became alert!

“Huben, is the position above this great hall also something you can sit on?”

Yihe said with an ice-cold expression!

Huben shivered and hurriedly got down from his seat.

“General Huben, this Yihe Demon Emperor has been poisoned by our Bright Knight Royal City and has long since lost all of his powers, what are you afraid of him for.”

At this moment, a great general from Ming Li Royal City said!


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