A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3069

After a day and a night of flying, the airship then landed at the Fei Tian Sect!

Those left behind in Fei Tian Sect at this time were some old and weak, most of them had followed the Patriarch to the Sea of Mo!

Shi Tieqiao, on the other hand, stayed behind in the Fei Tian Sect and took care of some things!

“Mr Chen, I can only send you guys here, I’m going to take this dirigible and rush to the Ink Sea.”

Ji Yun said to Kai with a slight apology!

“Do you need my help?”

Kai asked to Ji Yun!

After all, the Fei Tian Sect was a commercial sect, and none of the disciples were very strong, so in the event of a conflict, the Fei Tian Sect did not have an advantage!

“No need, that Piercing Cloud Sect is just like us, it doesn’t have many experts.”

“Besides, it’s that Piercing Cloud Sect that crossed the border to provoke, they shouldn’t have brought many people with them.”

Ji Yun shook his head and refused Kai’s help!

He knew that Kai had a lot of things to deal with on his own, and besides, the dispute that followed the Piercing Cloud Sect was not as serious as he thought!

Being a commercial sect, all they looked at was profit and would not really fight for their lives.

“Alright then, take care of yourself, if there is a need, feel free to inform me!”

Kai took out a few sound transmission jade slips and gave them to Ji Yun.

This kind of simple Voice Transmission Jade Slips could be refined at the drop of a hat for Kai!

Although Kai also wanted to go to the Ink Sea to see what it was like and what treasures were there, but right now he had more important things to do!

“Many thanks, Mr Chen.”

Ji Yun received that voice transmission jade slip and said with great gratitude!

But just as Kai was about to return to the Demon Emperor City with Yi He and the others to take it back from that Huben, a disciple of the Fei Tian Sect came running in a panic!

“Elder Shi, Young Master, it’s bad, something big is wrong ……”

That Fei Tian Sect disciple said anxiously!

“What’s wrong?” Ji Yun said with a frown!

“Patriarch led people to chase after the people from the Piercing Cloud Sect and entered that Ink Sea, and has been out of contact for three days.”

“This is the message sent back by the brothers who stayed behind ……”

The Soaring Sky Sect disciple said!

“What? My dad entered the Ink Sea?”

Ji Yun’s face instantly panicked, knowing that the Ink Sea was incredibly weird and people disappeared from time to time, so in order to cross the Ink Sea one had to take a Spirit Ship and be extremely careful to do so!

Now Ji Yun did not think that his father even in order to chase the people of the Piercing Cloud Sect, carelessly chased into the middle of the Ink Sea, but also three days can not be contacted, it seems that something must have happened!

At this time, Ji Yun suddenly felt at a loss, he is usually just a son, but also from the did not take on a big task, now his father disappeared, the entire Fei Tian Sect’s heavy responsibility is suddenly pressed on his body!

Kai looked at Ji Yun that way, spoke “Ji Yun, you don’t need to be anxious, I will accompany you to go to Mo Hai.”

“Mr Chen, you ……”

Ji Yun knew that Kai had a lot of his own things to do yet!

“I happen to want to see what treasures are within the Ink Sea as well, there might be some strange encounters!”

Kai said with a faint smile, he said this on purpose so that Ji Yun would feel a little more at ease in his heart!

After saying that, Kai looked at Yi He and said “Yi He, you take the others back to the Demon Emperor City, you must ensure the safety of several of them, there is also to take care of the Jade Tripod Sect, so as to avoid the Jade Tripod Sect from being attacked …….”

Yi He now had his strength restored, to retake back the Demon Imperial City and deal with the district Huben, it was an easy task!

There is also that Hu Yixiao, as long as Yihe steps in to protect the Jade Tripod Sect, Hu Yixiao will not want to move the Jade Tripod Sect for a bit!

So it was the same whether Kai went back or not, it was just that that Divine King’s Bow could not be retrieved for a short period of time!

“Mr Chen, the Sea of Mo is weird and unpredictable, if you go, you must be careful ……”

Yi He urged Kai!


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