A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3068

When Ji Yun heard Shi Tieqiao’s words, he immediately fell into silence, it was obvious that he was very worried at this time!

Kai, on the other hand, said with a puzzled look on his face, “What kind of clan is the Cloud Piercing Sect? And what is that Sea of Mo? How can there be treasures?”

Looking at Kai’s puzzled look, Yi He explained “This Piercing Cloud Sect is a sect in the Eastern Continent Continent, and it is also a sect that focuses on airship transport.”

“As for that Sea of Ink, it is a sea, because the sea water is as black as ink, that is why it is called the Sea of Ink by the people, but that Sea of Ink is very weird, all flying machines flying over the Sea of Ink will fall for no reason, even flying demonic beasts can’t fly over it!”

“Rumour has it that the land of that ink sea is a piece of ancient battlefield, the time of the God-Devil war occurred once and again fierce battles, and this ink sea is with the blood and souls of the dead cultivators of the great war, extremely bizarre, so that the ink sea above has become a no-fly zone, not allowed to any flying machine from the sea of the ink sea flying through the air!”

“Even trying to cross the Ink Sea is very difficult …………”

Kai was even more confused as he listened to Yi He’s explanation and asked in disbelief “The Eastern Continent? What is this place?”

“Mr Chen, this East Domain Continent is just a continent to the east of the Celestial Realm, the entire Celestial Realm is divided into five domains, five continents east, west, south, north, and centre, just like our Beast Race’s three emperors and four kings, as well as the Demon Race’s several great devils, the human practitioners have also divided up the region’s based on a few continents.”

“Each area has a domain lord jurisdiction, we are in this continent is the north domain, so this whole continent above the north domain lord sit, only the celestial human world covers an extremely wide area, the various domains of the continent crisscrossed, each force is also a dogfight, the fight is constant.”

“Like this Piercing Cloud Sect following the Flying Sky Sect, it’s because of disputes arising from interests that this situation has arisen, only this kind of small matter, the Domain Lord won’t intervene.”

“Only if a large-scale fight occurs, or if the Demon Race resurfaces, making a certain side of the continent chaotic, will the Domain Lord send someone to intervene and suppress it, and if it can’t be dealt with, then it will be necessary for the Domain Lord to come in person.”

“In fact, for hundreds of years, I’ve never seen any of the Domain Lords, and it seems like I’ve never heard of them appearing, so slowly people might have forgotten about the existence of Domain Lords!”

“But there is still a demarcation line between the five domain continents, it looks like this time, it was the Piercing Cloud Sect that crossed their territory and snatched the Fei Tian Sect’s airships and business!”

Yi He explained the entire structure of the Celestial Realm to Kai in detail, which made Kai feel shocked, he didn’t think that people like Domain Lords still existed in the Celestial Realm!

However, it was normal to think about it, if the Celestial Realm was such a huge realm, if it was truly chaotic and without order, it was feared that the Celestial Realm would have long since been overthrown!

But it hadn’t appeared for hundreds of years, so I wonder if these so-called five domain lords really existed anymore!

“Do you know what realm the strength of these Domain Lords have reached?”

Kai was very curious as to what kind of existence a character that could be in charge of a continent in a place like the Celestial Realm should be!

Yi He shook his head and said “I don’t know, and have not seen, nor have I heard of them, it seems that I have not heard of anyone who has seen a domain lord, and even more so I have not seen a domain lord make a move, but I have a feeling that it should be the realm of the Transformation Immortal, and the reason why these people don’t like to show their faces to be in charge of things, is that they are probably just waiting for their ascension.”

“After all, for becoming a true Immortal, anything is nothing!”

“Immortalisation ……” Kai fell into deep thought, he did not know to what extent the power would be terrifying when he reached this realm.

For a while, silence fell within the blimp, Ji Yun’s eyes were filled with worry as he looked out the window, originally eating and drinking without any worries, he seemed to feel the pressure at this moment!


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