A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3067

“Lord Yan is right, I was a bit petty in this matter, I won’t pursue it in the future!”

Thunder Eagle King hurriedly promised!

At this time, he was at an absolute disadvantage, if he didn’t promise, his little life might not be saved!

“Well then, since you promised, then this matter is over, but remember, if you are looking for trouble with Kai because of this moment, don’t blame me for being impolite, after all, this matter was guaranteed by me.”

Lord Yan’s voice suddenly turned cold and said!

“No, absolutely not ……” Thunder Eagle King wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and hurriedly shook his head!

“You go.” Lord Yan waved his hand!

The Thunder Eagle King didn’t dare to stay for even the slightest bit, and with his hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, he directly flew away!

At this moment, in mid-air, a flying boat slowly came, it was the flying boat of the Flying Sky Sect that had come to pick up Ji Yun!

After following since to say goodbye once again, Kai led Yi He and the others towards that blimp!

Shi Tieqiao walked out from within the blimp, he was the one who came to pick up Ji Yun!

However, when Ji Yun looked at the blimp in front of him, his face became very ugly!

Only to see that the blimp wasn’t very large, it could only take a dozen or so people, and it looked old and outdated!

As the grand son of the Flying Sky Sect, using this kind of blimp to pick himself up, Ji Yun felt too humiliated!

“Elder Shi, what’s going on? Why did you use this shabby thing to pick me up?”

Ji Yun grimaced and questioned Shi Tieqiao!

Kai and the others were also strange, after all, Ji Yun was the grand son of the Fei Tian Sect, how about a whole better blimp to come, this time the blimp that came was just a little too broken!

Kai was afraid that the airship would break down halfway and fall down in mid-air!

“Young master, our Fei Tian Sect doesn’t have any free airships right now, it’s good to find this one, we’d better get on board and explain it to you as we go!”

Shi Tieqiao said with a helpless face!

“No more free airships? Is business so busy these days?”

Ji Yun was astonished, there were no major festivals right now, so how come the airships would be so heavily used?

Normally, without important matters, very few people made blimps, after all, they needed spirit coins!

Some casual cultivators already had few resources, in shelling out spirit coins to make a blimp, it was even more impossible, they would rather walk than sit!

“Mr Chen, this blimp is too simple, bear with it ……”

Ji Yun was embarrassed and said to Kai!

“Having a blimp is better than walking, go up ……”

Kai finished speaking and took the lead to walk in!

Gao Qilan and Yu Jiameng looked a little excited, after all, it was the first time for both of them to sit in an airship!

After getting on the airship, it slowly started and began to fly towards the Fei Tian Sect!

Ji Yun, on the other hand, turned to Shi Tieqiao with a cold face and asked “This time, you should properly explain to me.”

Shi Tieqiao glanced at Kai and the others and seemed to have some difficult words to say!

“Say, Mr Chen is not an outsider ……”

Ji Yun said in a cold voice!

Shi Tieqiao trembled in fear and hurriedly said “Young Master, more than half of our Fei Tian Sect’s airships have been lost, and now all of them have gone to the Sea of Mo.”

“What?” Ji Yun dabbed and stood up “Lost half of them? What’s going on? Why did they go to the Ink Sea? Isn’t that a no-fly zone?”

“Most of the airships were seized by the Piercing Cloud Sect’s and a portion crashed in the Ink Sea.”

“During this period of time, the Ink Sea suddenly rolled over with huge waves, and I heard that there were quite a few treasures and resources pouring out, and some people picked up treasures within the Ink Sea, so many people rushed to the Ink Sea!”

“Master then set up additional routes to the Ink Sea, but that Piercing Cloud Sect’s people even crossed the territory and sneak attacked our airships, causing many of our airships to crash and loot!”

“His Lordship took his people on the remaining airships to seek justice, so now there are no more usable airships within the Fei Tian Sect, that’s why I’ve come to fetch Young Master in this dilapidated dinghy!”

Shi Tieqiao said as he followed Ji Yun carefully!


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