A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3066

The huge palm print that the Thunder Eagle King had condensed had just taken shape, and when he felt these terrifying three auras, his heart was startled, and he violently swung that palm print out!

Boom …………

Accompanied by a loud bang, that palm print instantly dissipated into smoke, while the Thunder Eagle King only felt his body instantly shaken, followed by flying backwards!

Thunder Eagle King’s body heavily smashed into a high mountain in the distance, directly smashing the entire mountain away!

The Thunder Eagle King’s face was hard to see, and his entire body transformed into a Thunder Eagle and flew back!

When the Thunder Eagle King flew back, he found that in front of Kai and the others, there were three people standing, and it was obvious that the three auras that had just been emitted were from them!

“Who are you people?”

The Thunder Eagle King looked at the three people in front of him and said with a grave expression!
“The Gao Family Gao Qiqiang ……”

“Ancient Body Refining Clan Clan Chief!”

“I’m also from the Ancient Body Refining Clan!”

The three opened their mouths and introduced themselves!

It turned out that it was Gao Qiqiang and Persuader who had not left and had come over to help Kai and the others!

The three people were all Transitional Great Cultivators, and the Thunder Eagle King, in his bull, wouldn’t dare to ignore the three of them!

Kai and Yi He looked at the trio that had appeared, but they were delighted, and they understood what Lord Yan’s words just now meant!

“The Gao Family? Ancient Body Refining Clan?”

Thunder Eagle King was dumbfounded “I have no enmity with you guys, why are you suddenly making a move against me?”

Thunder Eagle King knew that the Gao Family and the Ancient Body Refining Clan were both in the Extreme North Land, and had never dealt with each other before, much less had any grudges, so he didn’t understand why these three people were suddenly making a move against him.

“We have no grudges, but we can’t just sit back and watch as you make a move against Mr Chen ……”

Gao Qiqiang spoke!

“Mr Chen?”

Thunder Eagle King froze, but quickly placed his gaze on Kai “You said this Kai?”

“Not bad, if you make a move on him, then you are making a move on us, do you think we should hit you?”

Gao Qiqiang said with a cold smile!

When Thunder Eagle King heard this, his face turned green, he never thought that Kai, a small cultivator of the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, would be good enough to have a Demon Emperor like Yi He to help him!

But he didn’t want even the Gao Family, the Ancient Body Refining Clan to come forward, how can this still be played?

Can this revenge still be avenged?

Thunder Eagle King’s cold sweat flowed out!

Looking at Gao Qiqiang and the rest of them, they were all Transitional Great Cultivators, plus Yi He was also a Transitional Great Cultivator!

These four people join hands, a second is going to turn himself into a slag ……

Originally, he had the upper hand and was going to seek revenge on Kai!

But now, it had directly fallen to the disadvantage, even the kind of being crushed!

“Thunder Eagle King, I just warned you that you would regret it, you just didn’t believe me, do you believe me now?”

Lord Yan asked as he looked towards Thunder Eagle King with a slightly playful expression!

Thunder Eagle King’s face was ugly, and he could only nod his head forcefully!

Now he believed, incomparably.

But what could he do if he believed?

If Kai snapped at this time, he was afraid that he would have no way to escape!

Thinking about these Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles of his, thinking about his Heavenly Thunder Fruit, the Thunder Eagle King regretted it!

Picking it is picking it, why should he be bitter and have to take revenge!

In fact, the remaining Heavenly Thunder Fruits were enough for him to slowly break through the tribulation and advance to the Mahayana Realm!

Now everything is over, revenge is not avenged, life will be taken!

Looking at the Thunder Eagle King’s nervous and scared look, Lord Yan smiled faintly, then looked towards Kai and said “Kai, can you sell me a face, this matter will be settled, as the saying goes, it is better to settle a score than to tie it up!”

“Everything is determined by Lord Yan, not to mention that I picked the Heavenly Thunder Fruit first, there is a mistake in the first ……”

Kai said with a calm face!

Hearing Kai’s words, the Thunder Eagle King, who originally had a face of remorse, suddenly brightened up!

Seeing Kai’s meaning, he should not be planning to pursue!

“Thunder Eagle King, as you have heard, I will vouch for this matter from this, both of you should just leave it at that, if the fight goes on, it won’t be beneficial to either of you!”

Lord Yan said to the Thunder Eagle King!


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