A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3065

Seeing Lord Yan appear, both Kai and Yi He breathed a sigh of relief!

Otherwise, if the Thunderhawk King had attacked with those hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, there would have been no way for them to resist!

And that Thunderhawk King was also a little surprised to see Lord Yan appear outside of Jia Ling County!

“Lord Yan, if you’re not staying in Jia Ling County, why have you come out?”

“This place doesn’t belong to your Jia Ling County, so you can’t control my hands, can you?”

“I seem to remember that there are rules in Jia Ling County that you can’t ask about things outside of Jia Ling County.”

“You can’t let your hands go in your Jialing County, and you can’t let your hands go outside of Jialing County, right? Isn’t that too overbearing?”

Thunder Eagle King asked Lord Yan with a cold face!

Lord Yan, on the other hand, smiled faintly “You’re right, there are indeed rules in Jialing County, but ask about things outside of Jialing County.”

“I came out today, I just want you to give me face, as for whether to give this face or not, it’s still your own decision.”

“Whether you give me face or not, I won’t make a move against you, after all, rules are rules ……”

Seeing Lord Yan say this, Thunder Eagle King had nothing to fear, directly snorting coldly “Lord Yan, this kid stole and picked my Heavenly Thunder Fruit, so I have to kill him today, I can’t give this face ……”

Seeing that the Thunder Eagle King didn’t give face, Lord Yan didn’t get angry, his face still had a faint smile on it as he said “Since you don’t give face, let’s just pretend that I didn’t say anything, but I hope that you don’t regret it ……”

Lord Yan finished, even directly flashed to the side, as if he really did not care!

But Lord Yan’s words made Thunderhawk King instantly alert “Lord Yan, what did you just mean? What do you mean don’t regret it? Could it be that if I make a move, you still make a move?”

“If I don’t make a move, who says I will, but I can tell you that this Kai is not an ordinary person, if you move him, I’m afraid you will regret it.”

Lord Yan said with a smile!

“Hmph, a small Harmonisation realm fifth grade cultivator is just that, what’s so extraordinary about it?”

“Just with this Yihe? I’m not afraid of him, I’ll destroy them all today!”

Thunder Eagle King snorted coldly, not afraid of Yi He at all!

At this moment, Kai and Yi He, listening to Lord Yan’s words, did not understand what he meant!

Seeing that he was really going to stand by and watch, the two people’s hearts began to tense up!

However, Kai couldn’t force Lord Yan to help, after all, people’s rules were rules, they couldn’t break them for their own sake!

“Mr Chen, in a moment you guys better run, I myself can still stop this Thunder Eagle King for a while!”

Yi He said to Kai!

Kai nodded, there was no other way now, he could only sacrifice Yi He, there was no way he could watch Liu Ruyan and Fire Phoenix all of them die in front of him!

As Yi He was one of the Heavenly Dragon Hall’s Halls, they were destined to protect Kai’s safety!

“None of you will be able to escape ……”

The Thunder Eagle King had an excited look on his face as the boundless aura converged and a huge palm print appeared once again!

Hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles were on all sides, preventing Kai and the others from escaping!

Seeing this scenario, Kai knew that he would have to fight for his life, and it would be difficult for him to escape!

These hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles would be enough for them to drink a pot of water!

“Put up a fight ……”

Kai’s breath surged out of his body, and the power of Origin continuously flickered out!

Gao Qilan, on the other hand, put her palms together and a path of cold ice converged in front of her body, quickly forming a wall of ice, hoping to ward off the Thunder Eagle King’s attack!

The fire phoenix let out a cry from its mouth, and its entire body transformed into a phoenix with blazing flames burning on its wings, spreading its wings in mid-air, intending to deal with those bloodthirsty thunder eagles!

Everyone was all pumped up and began to prepare for a fight to the death!

But at this very moment, three terrifying auras came from behind the crowd, heading straight for that Thunder Eagle King!


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