A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3064

Luckily, he kept holding on and finally saw Kai appear many days later!

“Kid, stealing and picking my Heavenly Thunder Fruit, that is a capital offence ……”

Thunder Eagle King said coldly!

“Thunder Eagle King, with me here, you’re still trying to make a move on Mr Chen, you’re too unbridled ……”

Yi He blocked in front of Kai, his body’s aura surging continuously!

Thunder Eagle King glanced at Yi He, then snorted coldly “Yi He, I didn’t expect you to have recovered your strength, but even if that you have recovered, so what, can you stop me?”

After the Thunder Eagle King finished speaking, he abruptly raised his arm, aura surged from all directions and instantly condensed into a huge palm shadow!

There was even thunder and lightning roaring within the palm shadow!

This palm was very much like Kai’s Running Thunder Palm!

Rumbling ……

The Thunder Eagle King fiercely pressed down, and this palm shadow then cut through the void, roaring towards Kai as he suppressed them!

Seeing this, Yi He followed suit and waved both palms in unison, instantly forming an airtight shield around them!

Yihe knew that with the strength of the Thunder Eagle King, even if even a little breath came through, the others would be in danger of losing their lives!

Kai’s eyes were pulsing with lightning essence at this moment, and he followed with a fierce slap!

With Yi He protecting the others, Kai was able to put his best foot forward to follow the Thunder Eagle King’s palm!

Kai knew that there was a huge gap between his own strength and that of the Thunder Eagle King, but there was no way Kai would sit back and wait for death!

The Running Thunder Palm instantly appeared in mid-air, a streak of thunderbolts continuously travelled through, and immediately after that, these thunderbolts actually converged into a giant dragon!

The giant dragon roared and rushed towards the Thunder Eagle King’s palm shadow!

When the Thunder Eagle King saw this, his eyes were filled with a few moments of incredulity!

He was able to sense that the power of lightning contained within Kai’s palm was unexpectedly stronger than even his palm!

Compared to the power of lightning alone, the Thunder Eagle King was afraid that he would not be able to defeat Kai!
> This caused the Thunder Eagle King’s brows to furrow tightly!

However, it also made him even more furious, because he knew that the reason why Kai possessed such a strong power of thunder and lightning must have been caused by taking his own Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

Rumble …………

The two palm prints exploded in mid-air, and the dao breath splashed in all directions, like a gale sweeping in all directions!

The surrounding rocks and trees were blown away, and even a small hill not too far away was directly and instantly flattened by this stirring out of breath!

Fortunately, with Kai’s palm, the aftermath of the Thunder Eagle King’s palm print did not hurt Liu Ruyan and the girls, and Yi He’s breath shield blocked all the breath’s ripples.

However, this palm also made Kai’s face instantly hard to see, his qi and blood constantly surging up.

“Kid, I didn’t expect you to have some skill, no wonder you were able to pluck my Heavenly Thunder Fruit.”

“I’d like to see if you can still catch my following palm?”

The Thunder Eagle King’s eyes were filled with a sharp look as he began to brew his palm print once again!

And the hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles also began to cry, making preparations to attack at any time!

Seeing this, everyone’s faces became grave!

“Mr Chen, in a moment, you lead your people to leave quickly, I’ll stall this Thunder Eagle King.”

“If I can’t go back, the Demon Emperor City will be entrusted to you ……”

Seeing this, Yi He made the decision of certain death, he would use his own life to fight out a way for Kai and the others to live.

Kai looked at Yi He and did not say anything, because he knew that what Yi He said was the best thing to do at this time, otherwise none of them would be able to leave!

But just as the Thunder Eagle King’s second palm was brewing and ready to launch an attack, a white light suddenly shot straight up into the sky, instantly crushing the Thunder Eagle King’s palm imprint!

“Thunder Eagle King, give me face, let’s forget about this matter ……”

Lord Yan’s figure slowly appeared ……


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