A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3063

Seeing Kai’s appearance, Lord Yan continued “Kai, you can leave a few of the girls in my Jialing County, no one will dare to hit on them in my place!”

“Lord Yan, these girls are all Mr Chen’s confidants, if they stay in Jialing County, although they are safe, it would be very difficult for Mr Chen to want to see them, now that I have recovered my strength, when the time comes to stay in my Demon Emperor City, I don’t think that Demon Sealing Alliance would dare to act rashly.”

Yi He spoke up at this time!

He knew that it was indeed a little difficult for Kai to keep a few girls safe right now, and it would be very dangerous to bring them around, and would drag Kai down when the time came!

The only way was to stay in his own Demon Emperor City, only then would it be the safest, Kai could also return to Demon Emperor City at any time to follow the few girls to get together!

Although it was true that this Jialing County was safer than his own Demon Imperial City, the road was just too far, and it would be very troublesome for Kai to want to see a few girls!

Kai saw Yi He spoke, so he also said “Thank you Lord Yan for your kind words, I will still take them to Demon Imperial City, it is also very safe there.”

When Lord Yan saw Kai say so, he did not stop him, after all, within the Demon Emperor City, that Demon Sealing Alliance did not dare to act rashly!

After saying his goodbyes, Kai left Jialing County with a few people, looking at the Jialing County behind him, Kai’s heart on the other hand was filled with feelings!

He really didn’t like to think that behind such a magnificent Jialing County, there was this kind of miserable love story!

“Mr Chen, I’ve already notified the Fei Tian Sect to send a blimp to pick us up, so when the time comes, we’ll be able to go back in the blimp, we’ll be able to save our energy and save time!”

Ji Yun said to Kai!

Nowadays, the Apothecary Meeting in Jialing County had already ended, so there weren’t many people coming to Jialing County anymore, so the Fei Tian Sect’s blimps flying to Jialing County had also ceased to operate!

After all, the Fei Tian Sect was a commercial sect that aimed to make profit, they would only do it if there was money to be made, and now that there were fewer people coming to Jialing County, then the blimp business was cancelled!

However, in the future, there might not be any more airships coming to Jialing County, now that Persuader’s physical body has been restored, Jialing County won’t have to organise any Pill Masters’ Clubs, and without the Pill Masters’ Clubs, which is a grand gathering, no one will come to this Jialing County!

However, Ji Yun being the son of the Flying Sky Sect, he only needs to say one word and the blimp will come immediately, it doesn’t matter if there are any benefits to be gained or not!

“Alright then, let’s wait for the blimp ……”

Kai nodded.

He knew that it would be too time consuming to walk back, and by now, Yihe should have long since settled back to Demon Emperor City.

There was no telling what that Huben had spoilt Demon Imperial City into this time.

But just as Kai and the others were waiting for the airship, suddenly a terrifying aura came from all directions!

Feeling this aura, Kai’s heart was suddenly startled!

He knew that it was that Thunder Eagle King coming!

The others all changed their faces drastically when they felt this aura as well.

Seeing this, Yi He’s body slightly trembled, and a huge aura also instantly emanated, directly enveloping the several people!

Now that he had recovered, of course he had to protect Kai and the others!

“Kid, you finally appeared ……”

Soon, the figure of the Thunder Eagle King appeared in mid-air, while hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles followed behind the Thunder Eagle King!

Upon seeing those hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, Kai and Yi He’s faces all turned ugly!

If it was only the Thunder Eagle King, the two of them could have fought together!

But now that the Thunder Eagle King was followed by hundreds of Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, this was troublesome!

Thunder Eagle King’s gaze was fixed on Kai, his eyes were filled with anger, when he was in Jialing County, with Lord Yan blocking him, he had no way to make a move on Kai!

Therefore, he had been guarding outside, but he did not want to see Kai!


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