A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3062

Kai followed Gao Qilan and Fire Phoenix and they briefly talked about it, and only then did they realise that the Gao Family and the Ancient Body Refining Clan still had this kind of emotional entanglement!

However, the eyes of these people looking at Lord Yan were filled with pity!

After all, Lord Yan had paid a lot, spending a lot of resources to maintain Persuader’s soul body from dispersing, even going so far as to make her the county princess of Jialing County, and busying himself!

In the end, he had done it for others, this kind of dedication and devotion was something that ordinary people really couldn’t do!

Lord Yan and the patriarch of the Ancient Body Refining Clan sat at the first place, while Persuader and Gao Qiqiang stood in front of the two of them, the two of them holding hands, which could be considered as a lover’s marriage!

Although the wedding was very simple, they were both very happy to see it come out!

In the presence of Kai and the others, the two of them knelt down to kowtow to the Ancient Body Refining Clan Chief and Lord Yan!

At this moment, Gao Qiqiang was also sincerely submitting to Lord Yan, before the two were love rivals, but now, Gao Qiqiang willingly called out to Big Brother Yan!

This kind of vigour and breadth of mind of Lord Yan was not something that ordinary people could achieve!

After the wedding was simply organised, Gao Qiqiang and the others planned to leave, and from now on, there would be no more Persuasions within Jialing County!

It was also time for this small two-storey building and the Spirit Nurturing Formation to disappear!

“Mr Chen, my sister is in your hands, I hope you can protect her well, this path is her own choice, I won’t try to stop it.”

“I also believe in her vision, with Mr Chen’s ability, in the future, she will definitely be a dragon and phoenix among men ……”

“If there are things, you can come to the Far North Land to find me, we will be family from now on.”

As Gao Qiqiang was leaving, he said to Kai!

“Don’t worry Gao Family Master, as long as I have a breath in me, I won’t let them be harmed, it’s just that right now I can’t pour too much emotion into them, I still have a lot of things to do!”

Kai knew that he couldn’t spend all day with his children and sulk inside the gentle land.

“A man’s ambition is to be a man, of course it’s impossible to be held back by a woman, since Qilan chose to follow you, then in the future, I’m sure she’ll stay close to you if she doesn’t dare how difficult it will be.”

“The woman of my Gao family, I can trust, but if you negate her, then don’t blame me for turning my face ……”

Although Gao Qiqiang’s tone was soft, it carried a few hints of warning!

“Brother, what are you saying?”

When Gao Qilan saw her brother warning Kai, she was a bit unhappy!

When Gao Qiqiang heard this, he laughed “The two of you are not even officially dating now, and you are starting to help speak, really a woman is not a woman ……”

“Kai, you have offended the Demon Sealing Alliance this time, you need to be more careful yourself, in addition that Thunder Eagle King has been looking for you!”

Lord Yan opened his mouth and reminded Kai!

“The Demon Sealing Alliance uses the excuse of eliminating demons and defending the Dao, but secretly, they even follow the Demon Race to collude and cultivate the Demon Race, counting on relying on the power of the Demon Race to control the entire Celestial Realm, for this kind of goods, I’m not afraid of them at all!”

“As for that Thunder Eagle King, now that Yihe’s strength has recovered, I believe that with the ability of the two of us, following that Thunder Eagle King also has the power to fight!”

Kai said confidently!

If Yihe had not recovered, Kai himself was definitely not a match for that Thunder Eagle King, but now that Yihe had recovered, Kai was not afraid!

“You may not be afraid of the Demon Sealing Alliance, but the Demon Sealing Alliance is able to collude with the Demon Race, so they can do anything, in that case, these girls around you, can you protect them all?”

Lord Yan asked to Kai!

When Kai heard this, he immediately looked at Yu Jia Meng, Fire Phoenix, Liu Ru Yan and Gao Qi Lan!

None of them were very strong, so if the Demon Sealing Alliance really went after the women around them, Kai was not really sure that he would be able to do everything right!


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