A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3061

This caused Persuasion to fall into a state of extreme worry and depression!

She saw how good Lord Yan was to her, but after all, emotional matters could not be forced.

However, the matter between her and Gao Qiqiang was due to the grudge between the two families, making it impossible for them to be together, and although they liked each other, it was useless!

For a while, Persuasion was caught in an emotional entanglement that she couldn’t extricate herself from!

In the end, there was no way to bear it, she chose to commit suicide!

Because only by dying would she no longer be strife by these annoying things!

Only after persuading Jun to commit suicide, her divine soul did not dissipate and she was saved!

However, the physical body had disappeared, only the soul was left, if she found a new physical body, she could have been resurrected directly.

But Persuader was unwilling to live in someone else’s likeness!

In this way, Lord Yan brought Persuader’s soul body into Jialing County and, using all sorts of resources, set up a Spirit Nurturing Formation to maintain Persuader’s soul body from dissipating!

This stay was for many years, and the Pharmacist’s Association held in Jialing County was also to be able to find pills that could make the soul regain its physical body!

Because of Suijun’s death, the Ancient Body Refining Clan Chief and Gao Qiqiang were not hostile to each other, and they were also looking for a way to help Suijun regain his physical body!

Later on, the Ancient Body Refining Clan Chief made a decision that went against his ancestor’s wishes, he wanted to use the Ice Spirit Pill within the Treasure Land to help his sister regain her physical body!

Then came all the things that followed, after all, the Treasure Land was not something that just anyone could enter, and that Ice Spirit Dan was not something that anyone could also get their hands on!

“Mr Chen, we know that it’s bad to use you like this, but in return, so I’m giving you the Demon Drawing Whip of our Ancient Body Refining Clan, I hope you won’t be angry.”

The patriarch of the Ancient Body Refining Clan said with embarrassment!

After all, for the sake of their own sister, they had made up such a big lie, allowing Kai to risk his life, and a lot of people had died!

However, Kai was not angry, although this time there was a lot of danger and he did not gain anything, but to be able to have the Origin Space and even sense the three Origin Breaths, this was the greatest gain!

Especially in the Treasure Land, seeing the Ancient Body Refining Ancestor perform his own mastery, every move and style benefited him greatly!

Not to mention the Demon Drawing Whip, which was also an ancient divine weapon!

“Patriarch is too polite, even if you guys say it truthfully, I won’t be obliged to ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Persuader, you have restored your physical body today and happen to be wearing a red robe, so follow Gao Qiqiang and get the marriage done.”

“With your brother and I as your witnesses, in the future, our families will be one family, and our common goal will be to defend against the Demons and then cultivate into Immortality!”

Lord Yan said to Persuader!

“Big brother Yan, I …………”

Persuader looked at Lord Yan with some heartache, after all, she knew all about Lord Yan’s thoughts about herself!

“You have said that I am your big brother, it just so happens that I will also be your witness.”

“Brother Chen is also here today, let him call his friends in as well to witness the wedding of the two of you together!”

Lord Yan said with an air of spontaneity!

However, as Kai looked at Lord Yan’s expression, he knew that all this spontaneity was feigned!

After all, how could one’s beloved woman stand by and watch marrying another man!

But there are times when feelings are like this, perhaps letting go is also a form of love!

Kai didn’t dare to imagine if it was the woman he loved, could he be so spontaneous!

Shouldn’t be able to!

Kai called Gao Qilan and the girls in, and when Gao Qilan saw her big brother, she was also surprised!

When she heard that her big brother was getting married, she was even more surprised with her eyes popping out!


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