A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3060

When Kai saw this scene, he instantly froze, he could not understand how the county princess had suddenly disappeared.

However, looking at that Lord Yan’s expression, he did not seem to have any worries!

Just as Kai was surprised, in front of him, a white light suddenly flashed, followed by the County Lord’s figure flashing out!

However, this time, the Sheriff Lord was not a soul body, but a living person, a big living person with flesh and blood!

The appearance hadn’t changed in the slightest, even the clothes on his body were still the same.

The Sheriff Lord’s face was overflowing with unspeakable excitement at this time!

“Big brother Yan, I’ve really recovered, I’ve really recovered my physical body ……”

The County Lord’s excitement was incomparable, and she then knelt down towards Lord Yan!

“Big brother Yan, if it wasn’t for all these years, your careful care, I’m afraid that my soul would have been scattered long ago, and I advise you that there is nothing you can do to repay me ……”

The County Lord’s face was filled with gratitude.

When Kai saw that the Sheriff Lord had actually knelt down to Lord Yan, he was even more filled with confusion, and his entire body was at a loss for words!

He couldn’t figure out what was going on!

“Persuader, if you are like this, I will be angry ……”

Lord Yan rushed forward to help the county princess up!

At this time, the County Lord looked towards Kai, looking at the dumbfounded Kai, the County Lord then smiled faintly and said “Are you curious about my identity? Always wanting to know what I really am?”

Kai nodded his head vigorously, he asked the patriarch of that Ancient Body Refining Clan, the patriarch did not say anything, he asked Gao Qiqiang, Gao Qiqiang did not say anything!

Kai was curious to know the true identity of the County Lord of Jialing County, why she knew that there was an Ice Pill within the treasure, why she knew about the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and why she had half of the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Divine King Order!

Seeing Kai’s eagerness to know her identity, the County Lord then laughed “Actually, I’m not any Jialing County Lord, the real Jialing County Lord is Big Brother Yan ……”

“And I am just a person of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, it is Big Brother Yan who has been guarding me ……”

After saying that, the County Lord then shouted towards the upper floors “Brother, Qiqiang, you guys come down ……”

Soon, the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Clan Chief and Gao Family Head Gao Qiqiang slowly walked down from upstairs, both of them looking at Kai with a smiling face!

When Kai saw the two people, he was completely baffled and felt that his brain could not think!

“How did you …… two of you end up here?”

Kai’s face was filled with incredulity!

Obviously these two had sent themselves away from the Gao Family, and now they had appeared in this Jialing County?

By the way, there was also the brother that the county princess had just shouted at?

What does that mean?

Could it be that the Ancient Body Alchemy Clan’s patriarch is the county princess’s brother?

Not the Sheriff Master, the Sheriff Master is Lord Yan!

Then what is the relationship between this Gao Qiqiang and this Persuader?

Kai was dumbfounded, dumbfounded, he felt like he was being kept in the dark and tricked!

“Mr Chen, sit down first, let me talk to you slowly ……”

Gao Qiqiang saw the gloomy and uncertain expression on Kai’s face and said!

Kai sat down on the chair, he wanted to hear what Gao Qiqiang had to say!

With such a messy relationship, he wanted to know what was going on!

Gao Qiqiang glanced at Persuader, then slowly spoke!

When Gao Qiqiang finished listening, Kai then came to a realisation!

It turned out that Persuader was the sister of the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Clan Chief!

However, she later fell in love with Gao Qiqiang, but because the Ancient Body Refining Clan followed the Gao Family for many years of grudges, Persuader’s romance following Gao Qiqiang was not agreed upon at all!

As for Lord Yan, she was the real County Lord of Jia Ling County, and because she had many dealings with the Ancient Body Refining Clan, Lord Yan fell in love with Persuader!

For Persuader, she only saw Lord Yan as her big brother!

However, the group leader of the Ancient Body Refining Clan was desperately trying to set up a marriage between his sister and Lord Yan!


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