A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3059

“Lord Yan, why are you here?”

Seeing Lord Yan, Kai was very curious, according to the rules, a person of Lord Yan’s rank should not be guarding the city gates.

“I came here specifically to wait for you, your brat has offended the Demon Sealing Alliance, if you are killed by the people of the Demon Sealing Alliance, then won’t the Ice Pill be lost.”

Lord Yan said with a faint smile!

Kai looked at Lord Yan, very strange, he did not understand, Lord Yan was in Jialing County, how did he know that he had offended the Demon Sealing Alliance?

“Mr Chen, your every move in the extreme north is known within Jialing County, if they didn’t know that you had already obtained the Ice Pill, they wouldn’t have let me out of Jialing County!”

Seeing Kai’s strange look, Yi He explained!

Although Yi He also did not understand how the Jialing County Lord knew Kai’s every move, it was true that there was no way to hide many of Kai’s things from the Jialing County Lord

Kai’s scalp tingled as he listened, he did not understand how the Jialing County Sheriff knew about his every move, fortunately he did not have the idea of swallowing the Ice Spirit Dan privately, otherwise I am afraid that Yi He would have been in danger!

“Lord Yan, please also lead the way!”

Kai took a deep breath and slowly said!

He did not want to know how the County Lord of Jialing County knew about his whereabouts, there were times when the more one knew, the more terrifying it was!

He only wanted to leave Jialing County quickly, and then help Yi He to take back the Demon Emperor City first before saying anything!

Lord Yan led Kai and the others straight to the second story small building of the County Lord of Jialing County!

Arriving in front of the small building, this time Lord Yan did not report, but actually pushed the door in directly!

Although Kai was surprised, he still followed and walked in, while everyone else waited outside!

When Kai walked into the small building, he was surprised to find a middle-aged woman wearing a phoenix hairpin on her head and a red robe sitting on the County Lord’s seat!

Although the woman looked not young, her skin was very good and blowing!

However, this woman was only a sentence soul body and did not have a physical body!

Although Kai had not seen the real appearance of the County Lord of Jialing, he knew that this woman was definitely the County Lord of Jialing!

“You have returned?”

The County Lord smiled faintly and asked Kai!

“Back, and I have taken this Ice Spirit Dan and retrieved it for the County Lord ……”

Kai hurriedly took out the Ice Spirit Dan and handed it over with both hands!

However, the Sheriff Lord did not pick up the Ice Pill, but instead looked at Lord Yan who was on the side!

Lord Yan nodded and picked up the Ice Pill then walked towards the County Lord!

“Persuader, this time your wish will finally come true ……”

Lord Yan’s face revealed a hint of a smile as he said to the County Lord!

Kai listened to Lord Yan’s words and looked at Lord Yan’s eyes for a moment and froze!

This was because he could actually see the love for the County Lord in that Lord Yan’s eyes.

Moreover, this Lord Yan did not address the Sheriff Lord, but even called her by her first name?

Wasn’t this a bit of a below-the-belt offence?

But who knows that the county lord did not get angry, but slowly received the Ice Spirit Dan, face slightly apologetic said “Yan big brother, so many years, thanks to your care, I’m sorry you ……”

Saying that, the County Lord’s face unexpectedly crossed two lines of tears!

“What are you talking about, these are my willingness, but after this time, you should never do anything stupid again, not every time, will have such good luck!”

Lord Yan said with full of compassion!

“En!” The Sheriff Lord nodded vigorously!

Then she slowly opened up and swallowed that Ice Pill!

In an instant, the County Lord’s body began to emit a clean white light, and her entire body slowly levitated from the seat!

The light made the Sheriff Lord’s body become very transparent, and the Sheriff Lord, who was originally a soul body, was slowly disappearing under this light at the moment!

In the end, the County Lord’s entire being disappeared, not even leaving behind a trace of breath!


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