A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3058

Hundreds of vine tentacles, all heading towards Kai, from all sides like a cage, to trap Kai!

The corners of Kai’s mouth rose slightly, and a fine light flowed in his eyes!


Seeing that those vines were arriving in front of Kai and were about to trap him, Kai’s figure suddenly disappeared in front of Wood Fiend’s eyes!

The Wood Fiend was instantly startled, and the hundreds of vines had all of a sudden lost their target and became entangled with each other!

“Where is everyone?”

Wood Fury was horrified in his heart, he did not understand that Kai was clearly right in front of his eyes, but now he was nowhere to be seen!

But soon, Wood Fiend felt a strange movement behind him!

He wanted to turn around to check, but the hundreds of vines were entangled with each other, directly holding Wood Fury’s body!

This was really stealing a chicken without getting it, Wood Fiend was trapped by his own vines!

Pfft ……

Just as Wood Fiend wanted to untangle the vines, a sudden pain from a distance came!

Only to see a piercing golden light, from the back through to the front chest, just in this instant, the hundreds of vines also instantly disappeared!

Wood Fiend had a horrified look on his face, looking down at the longsword that pierced through his chest!

His eyes were wide open, his face full of incredulity, he did not understand, Kai, a mere fifth grade cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm, how did he manage to kill himself in a single move?

Wood Fiend slowly turned his head and saw Kai looking at him with a cold smile on his face!

In the midst of his gaze, Kai drew out his Dragon Cutting Sword with blood still dripping from it.

Kai just coldly glanced at Wood Fury before turning around and walking away!

Wood Fiend, on the other hand, slowly collapsed in disbelief!

He couldn’t believe that he had died just like that, killed by a Harmonisation Realm Fifth Grade cultivator, with a single move!

He didn’t know how Kai had done it and couldn’t figure it out!

Until he died, Wood Fury’s eyes were round and dead ……

The few remaining casual cultivators on the side watched Kai kill Wood Fiend with such a clean sword strike, and one by one, their jaws also dropped in shock!

Especially that Neo Bao, he didn’t expect Kai’s strength to be rapidly increasing in the blink of an eye, and he didn’t understand why that was!

To know how difficult it was for them, the loose cultivators, to raise a small realm, some of them might not be able to raise a small realm in a year or even several years!

One must know that the thing that loose cultivators lacked the most was resources, which was why they were surprisingly bullied in the Celestial Realm!

“Brother Chen, thank you for saving my life, if I have the chance, I will definitely repay you with my life ……”

Neo Bao and a few loose cultivators came forward and thanked Kai!

If it wasn’t for Kai’s timely arrival, they would have all been corpses as well!

“You are all welcome, you’d better leave quickly, if you were to run into the rest of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury, you would be in danger.”

Kai let Neo Bao and a few of their casual cultivators leave.

“Mr Chen, are we still looking for the other two of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury?”

Ji Yun went up to Kai and asked!

“There’s no need to look for them, for the remaining two, I reckon that the others will be able to deal …… with them.”

Kai shook his head!

Old Sun and the three of them would not have much of a problem if they were to deal with one of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury!

There was also Ning Caichen, who was also not afraid of one of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury, so they were not in much danger!

Next, Kai followed the crowd and headed towards Jialing County!

Although Yi He’s poison was solved, Kai also had to keep his word and deliver the Ice Pill to the Jialing County Sheriff!

This was a matter of integrity, Kai would not be a person without integrity!

Although this Ice Spirit Dan was worth its weight in gold, and Kai knew that if he swallowed the Ice Spirit Dan, his strength would definitely soar, and it was even possible that he would be in the process of comprehending other origins, but Kai would not do so!

Soon, Kai and the others arrived at Jia Ling County, and at the entrance of Jia Ling County, Lord Yan was actually waiting for them, as if he knew that they were about to arrive!


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