A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3057

“I didn’t think that the district loose cultivator, there is still this kind of backbone it, I would like to see how long you can hold on ……”

Wood Fiend was full of cold smiles, he was excited inside as he watched these loose cultivators being tortured by himself!

Neo Bao’s eyes had begun to be lax at this point, and he was soon going to die!

But right at this moment, a silhouette instantly flashed by, followed by a flash of white light, and all those vines were unexpectedly cut off instantly!

Neo Bao’s entire body fell to the ground, breathing heavily.

“Are you alright?”

Kai stepped forward and pulled Neo Bao up!

When he saw that it was Kai, Neo Bao was thrilled inside, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to die if Kai arrived!

“Brother Chen, I didn’t expect it to be you, thank you so much ……”

Neo Bao said with an excited face!

And when that Wood Fury saw Kai, he couldn’t help but stare and frowned slightly “It’s you kid? Where is Fire Fury? Shouldn’t he have intercepted you?”

“That Fire Fury is dead, I am here to kill you ……”

Kai said indifferently!

“Impossible, how could the Fire Fury be dead, with your strength, how could you have killed the Fire Fury?”

The Wood Fiend simply believed that Kai was able to kill the Fire Fiend!

“You don’t believe it?”

At this time, Yi He who had also rushed over opened his mouth, and all of his aura exploded out!

At this moment, Wood Fiend’s face instantly became unsightly, and his entire body began to tremble!

The aura that Yihe had erupted was enough to make him fall to the ground in an instant!

With this kind of strength, it was simply easy to kill them!

Right now, he believed that the Fire Fiend was dead!

It was just that he did not understand how Kai could have such a powerful expert by his side.

Kai glanced at Yi He, he knew that the reason why Yi He was doing this was to put pressure on the Wood Fiend, when the time came for him to follow the Wood Fiend in the fight, then the Wood Fiend would be under pressure!

Yi He was completely thinking about Kai’s safety, but Kai didn’t need it at all, what he needed was to make the Wood Fiend explode to its full strength, so that he could stimulate the potential in Kai’s body!

Kai’s strength had all grown from every duel he had followed between experts!

“Ich, don’t scare him, if I kill him, I don’t need anyone’s help ……”

Kai said to Yihe!

Seeing this, Yi He put back his aura and retreated to the side!

At this point, Wood Fiend had long since lost the excitement he had felt when he had slaughtered those loose cultivators, and his face was so ugly that he was about to cry out!

“Kai, do you know what kind of organisation our Demon Sealing Alliance is? Our alliance leader has already sent a jade message for us to go back and resume our orders.”

“If you kill me now, the Demon Sealing Alliance won’t let you go, you have to think clearly.”

“As long as someone is targeted by our Demon Sealing Alliance, none of them can escape!”

Wood Fiend did not want to die, so he brought out the Sealed Demon Alliance to scare Kai!

Listening to Wood Fury’s words, Kai then let out a cold laugh “Just now that Fire Fury said the same thing, and he didn’t die all the same ……”

“If you make a move now and can dodge one of my moves, I will spare your life ……”

Kai’s face was incomparably confident at this time, as far as Wood Fury was concerned, his strength was a bit lower than Fire Fury, so Kai had absolute certainty!

But Wood Fury heard, immediately a furious road “Shi can kill can not be humiliated, you are looking down on me? I’d like to see, you a move how to kill me ……”

Wood Fury roared, at once around the manifestation of hundreds of vines, these vines as fast as lightning, like tentacles, from all directions towards Kai.

“I would like to see how you can escape my Thousand Buddha Hands ……”

Wood Fiend snorted coldly, his eyes filled with ice coldness!

In his eyes, Kai was unbeatable, and the only thing he was worried about was Yi He!

He had to always be on guard against Yi He striking!

Although Wood Fiend knew that he was the lowest in strength within the Five Elements Heavenly Fiend, it was still more than enough to deal with Kai, a mere fifth grade cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm!


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