A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3056

Swoosh swoosh!

Ten sword lights rushed towards Fire Fiend, and the shield he had arranged shattered as easily as if it was glass.

A sword qi, mercilessly slashed through his body.

One, three, ten!

The injuries on the Fire Fiend’s body continued to increase.

In the end, it cut the Fire Fiend’s body into a large number of broken pieces, and even that Neo Shen was shredded together.

Shock, written on everyone’s face.

For a while, the crows were silent, with only the sound of the Fire Fury’s broken pieces falling to the ground ringing out.

Ten palms, ten swords ……

Kai had kept his promise with practical actions!

He had said that he would return it tenfold!

The strength Kai had displayed surprised everyone!

Especially his perception of the Running Thunder Palm and the Nine Shadows Sword Technique, he had indeed learnt a lot from that Ancient Body Refining Clan Ancestor!

“Mr Chen, let’s go ……”

Yihe stepped forward and said to Kai!

“I can’t go back yet, since this Five Elements Heavenly Fury intercepted separately, now I’m afraid that those other loose cultivators are also in danger.”

Kai said with a slight frown!

“Some loose cultivators are just that, what do you care about them, in this Celestial Realm, there are killings every day, if Mr Chen cares, he will not be able to manage it.”

Yi He persuaded Kai!

“If it’s someone else killing, I don’t care, but this Five Elements Heavenly Fury a few people, I’m going to manage it ……”

Kai had killing intent in his eyes!

When they were in the Treasure Land, these Five Elements Heavenly Fury had chased after them, Kai could still remember it!

Seeing this, Yi He also stopped persuading Kai to do whatever he wanted to do!

He would just follow behind, as long as Kai was in danger, he would step in!

“Then let’s get going ……”

Kai saw that Yihe was not talking, so he quickly headed in another direction towards the Far North Land!

Kai’s divine sense was constantly expanding in all directions, even expanding out several miles away!

At this moment, Kai was like a moving radar, he was able to clearly understand the movements even miles away.

Soon after, Kai suddenly stopped and frowned slightly, followed by violently rushing out towards the southwest!

Seeing this, Yi He and the others hurriedly followed!

Along with Kai as they continued to approach, a sound of fighting and wailing came into their ears!

A dozen or so casual cultivators were now slaughtered by that Wood Fiend with not many left!

If it wasn’t for the Wood Fiend wanting to play mo catch a mouse some, these loose cultivators would have died out long ago!

“Quickly run, if you don’t run, then you can only die ……”

Wood Fury said towards the few remaining casual cultivators!

But these few loose cultivators are covered with injuries, have long been tired and panting, simply do not have the strength to run!

“You want to kill or die as you please, I can’t run anyway ……”

Neo Bao lay on the ground, his face was like ashes, he knew that he was bound to die, so he didn’t want to be running!

“Not running, not running ……”

Several other loose cultivators were also lying on the ground, no one was running!

Seeing that several loose cultivators did not run, a trace of coldness flashed in Wood Fiend’s eyes, and with a wave of his hand, a vine appeared out of thin air and directly entangled Neo Bao!

Neo Bao was caught in mid-air by the vine, constantly shaking with force, and the strength of the vine’s entanglement was getting bigger and bigger, making it difficult for Neo Bao to breathe, and the bones in his body could be heard crunching!

“Are you going to run? If you don’t run, I will strangle you alive ……”

Wood Fiend said to Neo Bao!

Neo Bao gritted his teeth, obviously carrying on to the end, even if he ran, he would still die alive, it would be better to be exhausted to death!

Seeing Neo Bao’s attitude, Wood Fiend was completely enraged!

The force of the vine entanglement increased again, and Neo Bao’s mouth violently sprayed out a mouthful of blood!

One of his ribs began to break under the vine’s entanglement!

The intense pain caused Neo Bao to sweat profusely, but he didn’t utter a word!

Knowing that he was going to die, so Neo Bao didn’t want to let himself die too much!


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