A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3055

“Haha, arrogant and ridiculous, who do you think you are? Even if I stand here and get beaten by you, you can’t hurt me.”

The Fire Fiend coldly shouted, not seeming to care.

However, he was counterattacking while quietly retreating and distancing himself from Kai.

Kai’s state was bizarre, he was clearly at the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, and the aura he exuded was surprisingly as powerful as the ninth grade of the Harmonisation Realm.

This sudden change made the Fire Fiend somewhat unable to see Kai, so he became more careful and cautious to come.

“You are not as arrogant as you show, you are also considered calm, but it’s useless for you to run as far as you can, you hurt Miss Gao, so you are dead.”

Kai’s expression was cold and his eyes were filled with thick killing intent.

The Fire Fiend would surely die.

Kai put away the Dragon Cutting Sword, then he raised his hands high, and the sky and earth instantly became dim!

“Running Thunder Palm ……”

Kai let out an explosive cry, and a black cloud instantly appeared in the sky before transforming into the shape of a huge palm!

Within the palm, lightning flashed and thunder roared!

The Fire Fiend tilted his head to look at the palm imprint in the sky, and immediately frowned, pulling his legs out and running!

Unfortunately, the Running Thunder Palm came down with a roar and directly slapped onto that Fire Fiend’s body!

Rumbling …………

Instantly, a huge palm imprint appeared on the ground, and the Fire Fiend’s body was deeply imprinted within!

Boom boom boom …………

The Running Thunder Palm continuously descended from the sky, ruthlessly slapping on that Fire Fiend’s body!

In the end, the Fire Fiend’s body was actually slapped hard into the ground a dozen metres by this Running Thunder Palm!

The Fire Fiend only felt that the bones in his entire body were broken, and blood was continuously gushing out of his mouth!

His eyes were filled with panic, he did not expect that Kai’s Running Thunder Palm would be so powerful!

After a lot of effort, Fire Fury slowly climbed out of the deep pit!

But just as he returned to the ground, he saw Kai looking at him with the Dragon Sword in his hand!

The Dragon Sword was raised abruptly.

Afterwards, Kai closed his eyes.

An aura as vast as the sea erupted ferociously.


A vast amount of spiritual energy poured out, surging down his arm and into the long sword, causing the Dragon Beheading Sword to steeply and violently tremble.

“Nine Shadow Sword Technique!”

Kai shouted, recalling the time when the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, using his own body, chopped out this astonishing sword.

Kai also wanted to give it a try and see how he would fare when he performed this move.

Soon, in the void, a shadow suddenly appeared and stood behind Kai.

They held long swords and their clothes fluttered, exactly the same as Kai.

The seven doppelgangers erupted with the same aura as Kai.


Kai let out a furious shout, and the Dragon Chopping Sword was instantly pointed at the Fire Fury, and all the longswords in the hands of all the doppelgangers, with a brush, were all aimed in the direction of the Fire Fury.

Several auras were aimed at one person, and that aura was like a mountain pressing down and a tsunami approaching, and in the blink of an eye, it filled the Fire Fury’s body.

“How is it possible, how is it possible?”

Fire Fiend’s eyes were wide with rage, he only felt his scalp tingling, a strong sense of crisis surfaced, he didn’t even dare to give birth to the thought of resistance.

“Escape, this sword cannot be received, if I receive it, I will definitely die.”

Fire Fiend unexpectedly gave up his pride and self-respect in the eyes of everyone who was shocked, turned around and ran backwards.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to catch this sword no matter what, the ten palms just now made him almost die, how could he possibly catch this terrifying sword

But just as the Fire Fiend ran out hundreds of metres.

Kai abruptly opened his eyes and a cold glint shot out from his eyes.

With the Dragon Slashing Sword, three sword auras erupted.

There was a loud boom.

The long swords in the hands of these doppelgangers had long been poised to strike, and at this moment, they suddenly flew out as if thunder had come out of the sky, and they pounced straight at the Fire Fury.

This scene was loud and powerful.

Ten sword awns, like meteors, cut through the void and headed straight for the Fire Fiend.

Seeing that he couldn’t escape, the Fire Fiend let out an unwilling roar, using the flames around his body to form a shield.


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