A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 3053

Rumble …………

Suddenly, the clear sky resounded with muffled thunder, followed by a thunder tribulation falling from the sky!

Along with the thunderbolt hitting Kai, Kai’s realm had finally risen to the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm!

Slowly opening his eyes, Kai’s eyes gained a few more points of sharpness!

The aura of his body was also changing, even every small realm elevation was a metamorphosis for Kai!

“Kai …………”

Seeing Kai waking up, Gao Qilan and the other girls all happily gathered around!

Yi He looked at Kai and rushed forward respectfully “Mr Chen, you’re awake ……”

Kai looked at Yi He, looked a little surprised, “Yi He, why are you here? The poison on your body ……”

Kai found that the aura on Yihe’s body was not suppressed and had completely recovered!

“I’m already well, it was the Jia Ling County Sheriff who helped me heal.”

Yihe hurriedly said!

“I didn’t even give her the Ice Spirit Pill yet, and she helped you heal?” Kai was very strange!

“Then the Jia Ling County Lord said that she believes in your character, and after you guys left, she helped me cure the poison.”

Yi He replied!

When Kai heard this, he was a bit ashamed, if he had just swallowed the Ice Pill himself, then how would he go back and follow people to explain?

It looked like, in the future, even if he died, the promise he made had to be kept, otherwise he would feel guilty!

“Mr Chen, what about that Fire Fury?”

Ji Yun followed Kai at this time and asked!

Kai looked over and found that Fire Fiend lying on the ground, beaten up, although not fatal, it was too much of an offence!

“Who hit this?” Kai was wondering how the Fire Fury had been beaten like this!

He knew that it definitely wouldn’t be Ichor who did it, because Ichor wasn’t this boring!

“We beat him up, this guy is so crazy, now let him suffer!”

Fire Phoenix and the other girls said in unison!

At this time, Kai, noticed the injuries on Gao Qilan’s body, so he frowned and said “Miss Gao, the injuries on your body are caused by that Fire Fury?”

“My injuries are fine, as long as you are safe!” Gao Qilan said with a faint smile!

“Master, sister Qilan still has injuries on her back, it’s all from that guy.”

Fire Phoenix said loudly!

Upon hearing this, Kai pulled Gao Qilan over and then looked at her back, finding a palm print on her back, the area around the palm print was blackened!

It was clearly a mark that had been burnt by the flames!

Seeing this, gusts of coldness erupted from Kai’s eyes!

He then reached out and gently stroked his hand over Gao Qilan’s wound, his eyes filled with heartache!

Accompanied by a stream of spiritual energy flowing over Gao Qilan’s wounds, the wounds on Gao Qilan’s back unexpectedly healed at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Soon, Gao Qilan’s wounds healed and regained that fair skin!

“You wait here, I will go and avenge you ……”

After Kai finished speaking, he coldly looked towards Fire Fury and walked over!

Seeing Kai walk over, Fire Fiend got up with difficulty, a few moments of fear in his eyes.

The arrogant look he had just had was long gone.

With Yi He here, Fire Fiend knew that he would surely die!

However, knowing that he was bound to die, but Fire Fiend still threatened Kai “I am a member of the Demon Sealing Alliance, if you kill me, the consequences will be severe.”

Kai, on the other hand, had an icy cold face!

Pa ……

Without warning, Kai stepped forward and slapped the Fire Fiend.

“Very serious is it?”

Slap …………

It was followed by another slap!

Fire Fury had been slapped by Kai one after another, and had long since become enraged!

However, he didn’t dare to fight back, and with Yihe watching intently, he didn’t have the chance to fight back!

“Kai, aren’t you relying on the fact that you have come to help, if it was yourself, I would have made you kneel down and cry out for your grandfather ……”

Fire Fury gritted his teeth and said word by word!


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