A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3052

After all, this place belonged to the Extreme North Land now, and now that such a highly powerful person had appeared in the Extreme North Land, Gao Qilan, as a member of the Gao Family, had to be a little more cautious!

“This is Mr Ih, Kai’s friend ……”

Liu Ruyan was afraid of any misunderstanding and hurriedly introduced him!

However, she did not reveal Yi He’s identity, after all, the less people knew about Yi He’s identity, the better!

Once they heard that they were Kai’s friends, Gao Qilan and also Ji Yun and the others all felt relieved!

“I didn’t realise that one of the three emperors, Demon Emperor Yihe, was actually my master’s friend, how wonderful!”

The Fire Phoenix stepped forward and said to Yihe with a big grin!

Seeing that Fire Phoenix recognised him, Yihe couldn’t help but be surprised, and shot Fire Phoenix a glance and said ”This girl, do the two of us know each other? How do you know my identity?”

Yihe was very strange, he could not feel the beast race aura at all on his body right now, he didn’t know how on earth this fire phoenix knew that he was a Demon Emperor!

“Of course we know each other, and we’ve known each other for not a short time ……”

The fire phoenix said with a faint smile!

This time, Yi He was completely confused, constantly sizing up the fire phoenix, and finally found that there was really no way to recognise the identity of the fire phoenix, and could only smile awkwardly and say “This girl, forgive me for my poor eyesight, I really didn’t recognise it!”

“Of course you can’t recognise me like this, but if I change my form, you’ll recognise it ……”

After the fire phoenix finished speaking, its figure turned into a phoenix with flames burning above its wings!

When Yihe saw this, he was shocked and said “Fire Phoenix, so it’s Fire Phoenix ……”

At this time, the fire phoenix re-incarnated into a human appearance, smiled and said “This time to recognise, right?”

“Recognised, recognised ……” Yi He nodded his head repeatedly “Fire Phoenix girl, how did you become like this now? This strength even a Harmonisation realm small cultivator can not beat ……”

Yihe was puzzled, as a divine beast phoenix, how did Fire Phoenix’s strength become so low!

“Hey, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you in detail when I have time!”

“How did you get to know my master?”

Fire Phoenix asked curiously!

With Kai’s strength, he was a nobody in the Celestial Realm, so how could he possibly know a character like the Ikh Demon Emperor!

The Ikh Demon Emperor did not answer because Kai’s identity as the Heavenly Dragon Hall Master was a secret, and without Kai’s permission, he was not allowed to tell anyone!

“Miss Fire Phoenix, why are you calling out master after Chen? Could it be that you have changed masters anew?”

Yi He asked back at Fire Phoenix!

“I ……”

Fire Phoenix was about to reply when she heard Liu Ruyan let out a cry of alarm “That guy is running ……”

Ruyan Liu saw that Fire Fury struggled to stand up on the ground and turned to run!

Being smacked away by Yihe, he knew the gap between himself and Yihe, so while Yihe didn’t notice himself, he still escaped first!

He knew that he didn’t even have the ability to struggle against Ichor’s hands!

Seeing that Fire Fury was about to run, Yihe let out a cold snort and stopped Fire Fury with a leap!

Stepping forward, he picked up Fire Fury’s collar and slapped him!

“Damn, after bullying Mr Chen, you still want to run ……”

With this slap, all of Fire Fury’s teeth fell out, but his life was not in danger!

Ich deliberately didn’t kill him and kept him alive so that Kai could send him off!

Seeing that Fire Fury was controlled by Yi He, Fire Phoenix also walked over and slapped Fire Fury a few times, just now this Fire Fury was rampant, now he was going to fix him properly!

Liu Ruyan, Gao Qilan, Yu Jiameng also walked over, punching and kicking at Fire Fury, torturing Fire Fury into wailing!

Seeing a few girls being so ruthless, Ji Yun suddenly somewhat did not envy Kai.

If Kai annoyed these girls, wouldn’t he be packed to death?


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