A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3050

“Looks like I’m going to get real this time, as long as you guys die, I’ll be rich ……”

After saying that, the Fire Fiend’s body was wrapped in blazing flames, charging towards Gao Qilan!

Gao Qilan’s eyes were incomparably cold, without the slightest bit of panic, holding dual swords steeply flew up!

The flames once again repeated the same trick, and with a clap of his hands he conjured up two demonic beasts with flames!

Gao Qilan was also nonchalant, as his two ice-cold swords kept waving, and a streak of frost struck out, instantly freezing the two flaming demonic beasts!

With the addition of ice crystals, the frost means that Gao Qilan executed was obviously much more powerful, this was probably also because Gao Qiqiang was afraid that Gao Qilan would be in danger halfway across the world, so he let Gao Qilan bring it with him!

This aura of cold restrained the Fire Fiend, causing him to become a little annoyed!

Kai, on the other hand, took advantage of the opportunity and began to rapidly absorb that Ice Spirit Fragment to recover!

Ji Yun, Fire Phoenix, and Yu Jia Meng were protecting Kai, at this time, Kai could not afford to make any mistakes!

In the mid-air, Gao Qilan and Fire Phoenix were continuously performing magic spells, the roaring sound was constant, the wind and rain of the heaven and earth changed suddenly, the surrounding temperature was even hot and cold!

The entire sky was split into half red and half ice-cold white!

The two forces constantly collided and intertwined, if there were no ice crystals, Gao Qilan would have been unable to withstand it!

Seeing that if this continued, his physical strength would be too much, not to mention that Kai was probably about to recover, the Fire Fiend’s eyes flashed with a cold aura, and his entire body was ablaze with a blazing flame!

Then a silhouette in the flames rushed towards Gao Qilan!

Without much thought, Gao Qilan slapped his palm out, instantly freezing that silhouette into ice!

When Gao Qilan saw this, her heart was just some, she didn’t think that this Fire Fury would be frozen by herself so easily!

But just when Gao Qilan was happy, the fire phoenix suddenly shouted “Sister Qilan, be careful …………”

Gao Qilan was startled and felt a strong wind coming from behind her!

Gao Qilan wanted to dodge, it was already too late, was rounded to the back of the Fire Fury, a palm slapped on the back above!

The figure that came out of the flames just now was not the Fire Fury, it was just a blindfold!

This palm, with hot flames, Gao Qilan only felt that his entire body was wrapped in a heat wave!

Boom …………

Gao Qilan’s body fell sharply and ended up instantly falling to the ground!

“Sister Qilan ……”

Seeing this, Fire Phoenix rushed over to check on Gao Qilan!

Only to see that there was a palm print on Gao Qilan’s back, and there were many subtle flames all around, constantly surging towards Gao Qilan’s body!

Gao Qilan’s cultivation was of ice and cold, and now that the flames were entering her body, she would definitely be rejected!

The cold air in Gao Qilan’s body continuously forced those flame breaths to enter!

For a time, a gust of white mist was rising from Gao Qilan’s back!

The Fire Fiend was in mid-air, looking down at the few people below, his eyes full of smugness!

“Those who stand in my way will die, just you ants, you still want to stop me?”

The Fire Fiend finished speaking and charged directly towards Kai!

Seeing this, Gao Qilan endured the severe pain in her body and leapt up with her dual swords in hand, directly blocking in front of Kai!

Right now, she was the only one who could block that Fire Fury’s strike!


The Fire Fiend let out a cold snort, and with a grab of his hand, a flaming longsword appeared, waving it casually!

Two wounds directly appeared on Gao Qilan’s body, and the blood directly dyed that white dress red!

Seeing this, Ji Yun and the rest of them all pounced on them as well, regardless of whether they could beat the Fire Fury or not!

They all had to protect Kai, right now Kai was at his most vulnerable!

Bang Bang …………

The three of them, Ji Yun, Liu Ruyan and Fire Phoenix, were also directly knocked out by the Fire Fury!

Looking at Kai in front of him, the corner of Fire Fury’s mouth raised, now Kai’s eyes were slightly closed, and he was struggling to absorb the energy of the Ice Spirit Fragment!

“Go to hell ……”

Fire Fury raised the flaming longsword in his hand!

Seeing this, Yu Jia Meng directly jumped on Kai, although she knew that it was futile, she still did so, she would rather die along with Kai!


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