A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3048

In an instant, in the sky, two demonic beasts that were illusory of flames continued to roar and tumble, their entire bodies were rising with flames, causing the temperature around them to rise rapidly!

The two demonic beasts, with their four eyes staring at Kai and the others, then under the command of that Fire Fiend, they violently pounced towards Kai!

Now, as long as Kai was taken care of, the rest of the people, the Fire Fiend did not have to worry in the slightest!

Even if he stood still, these people would never want to hurt him in the slightest!

“Master ……”

Seeing this, the Fire Phoenix’s entire body instantly rose up in the air, directly transforming into a blazing fire phoenix, with flames also rising from its open wings!

“Fire Phoenix? Surprisingly, it’s still a divine beast that has taken human form, this time I can earn a lot ……”

Seeing the fire phoenix appear, Fire Fiend instantly shouted in excitement!

“Fire Phoenix, back off ……”

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly shouted to stop it!

He knew that Fire Phoenix was simply no match for Fire Fury, the difference in strength between the two was too great!

“Master, you ……”

Fire Phoenix flashed her wings, she was not afraid even if she died, but she could not let Kai be injured!

“Quickly retreat ……”

Kai instantly sacrificed his Dragon Cutting Sword and loudly chastised the Fire Phoenix!

Seeing this, the Fire Phoenix could only slowly fall down!

Kai quietly watched as the two demonic beasts continued to pounce with flames, the scorching heat could be felt for miles apart!

Now facing the Fire Fiend, Kai did not have the slightest chance of winning!

However, he had to face it, there was no way he could watch his woman fall into the hands of another man!

Even if he ended up blowing himself up, Kai would not let the Fire Fury succeed!

What’s more, Kai didn’t need to blow himself up yet, he still had the Ice Pill in his hand!

Now to deal with the Fire Fury, Kai could only swallow the Ice Pill and then forcefully break through to the fourth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, and then when the Heavenly Thunder rolled on, a Fire Fury would have nothing to fear!

Only if this happened, there would be no way for him to follow the County Head of Jialing County to deliver his orders, and I don’t know if the poison in that Yihe’s body could still be cleared away!

But this was also something that could not be helped, one could not just stand by and watch the Fire Fury kill them all and then take away the Ice Pill as well, right?

Just as Kai was looking at the two flame-illusory beasts, charging towards him, hesitating to swallow the Ice Spirit Dan, a white silhouette suddenly swept past his eyes!

Immediately after that, one could see the sky full of white wind and snow continuously drifting down, and the temperature that had originally risen, at this time, became icy cold again!

Click click click click …………

For a moment, everything around them seemed to be frozen, resounding with a burst of freezing sounds!

Soon, the two flame-illusory demonic beasts were unexpectedly motionless at this moment, their bodies wrapped in a thick layer of ice!

So when people saw this scene, they were all shocked, no one would have thought that flames could even be frozen!

Kai slowly fell down, while in front of him, a white ice crystal shimmered with light, and the icy cold aura continued to spread in all directions!

The white coldness was spreading at a speed visible to the naked eye, and everyone felt that the temperature had dropped a lot at once!

“What are you?”

Fire Fiend said with a slight frown!

And in the midst of the white snow mist that filled the sky, Gao Qilan was holding an ice crystal in her hand and was standing beside Kai!

At this moment, Gao Qilan was dressed in white, like a white snow lotus blooming.

“Sister Qilan ……”

When Fire Phoenix saw Gao Qilan, she hurriedly shouted happily!

Kai also did not expect Gao Qilan to come back, and was a little surprised “Miss Gao, why did you come?”

“If I didn’t come, you would have been burnt to death long ago, right?”

Gao Qilan said with a faint smile!

These words made Kai’s face full of embarrassment, he had the Ice Spirit Dan in his hand, it was unlikely that he would be burnt to death, but I was afraid that he would not be able to keep that Ice Spirit Dan!


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