A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3047

Ikh was worried about Kai’s safety at this moment, this ungrateful fellow, even tried to block, which instantly made Ikh’s anger unstoppable!

“Looking for death ……”

Yihe shouted explosively, and with a wave of his hand, a breath came as if it was a dragon scroll!

Then the man with a long scarf tied around his head saw this, and before he had time to react, he was directly strangled to pieces by this breath!

Not even a corpse was left behind!

This one stunned the remaining guy straight away!

“Bite him to death ……”

After Yi Hyuk finished speaking, his figure instantly disappeared!

The dozens of demonic beasts, on the other hand, pounced together towards that remaining guy!

To their deaths, they didn’t even know what kind of existence Yi He was!

And at this time, Kai and the others were indeed in danger!

Originally, several people were about to walk out of the Extreme North Land, but they were stopped by someone!

“Kid, you didn’t expect it, did you? I would stop you here.”

Fire Fiend looked at Kai’s few people with a cold smile on his face!

Although it was only Fire Fiend himself this time, Kai was not at all relaxed!

Right now, his body hadn’t completely recovered and there was no way for him to deal with the Fire Fiend!

Ji Yun was also only at the seventh level of the Harmonisation Realm, and could not possibly be a match for the Fire Fury either!

As for Liu Ruyan and Fire Phoenix, Yu Jiameng and the other girls, it was even more impossible for them to be a match for the Fire Fury!

Although Fire Phoenix had absorbed the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, her realm had also broken through to the third grade of the Harmonious Body Realm, but compared to the Fire Fury, it was nothing compared to the Fire Fury!

As for Yu Jia Meng, the Heavenly Thunder Fruit had also allowed her to reach the fifth rank of the Harmonisation Realm, but the Harmonisation Realm was nothing in the Celestial Realm.

“Just yourself? Where are those companions of yours? Come out all together ……”

Kai asked in a pretence of calmness!

He wanted to know if it was just the Fire Fiend himself or not!

“You don’t have to say that, it’s just myself right now, as for the others, of course, they’ve gone to intercept those loose cultivators and the Ning Family.”

“You guys know the secrets of our Demon Sealing Alliance, so how can we let you leave easily!”

Fire Fiend said unapologetically!

Because in his opinion, Kai and the few of them were fish and meat on an iron plate and were at his mercy!

“Mr Chen, I’ll hold him off, you guys go first ……”

Ji Yun’s face was grave as he protected Kai’s body!

Nowadays, amongst the few of them, he was the only one who could still follow the Fire Fiend for a couple of moves!

Fire Fiend glanced at Ji Yun with contempt and casually waved his hand!

Steeply an overpowering aura blasted out, instantly the void shook and the aura was like waves crashing down on his face!

Ji Yun didn’t even have time to resist, and was directly sent flying out, spitting blood from his mouth!

“Ji Yun ……”

Kai stepped forward to check and realised that Ji Yun’s life was not in danger, then he breathed a sigh of relief!

“Hmph, a mere seventh rank of the Harmonisation Realm, how dare you speak out loud!”

The corner of the Fire Fiend’s mouth lifted as he said!

Kai looked at that Fire Fury coldly, his eyes filled with anger!

It was just a pity that he was weak right now and had no way to follow that Fire Fury into battle!

It would be great if he could rest for a day at the Gao Family, except that Kai did not want to waste time!

He simply didn’t expect that these Five Elements Heavenly Fury guys would dare to intercept him halfway!

“Kid, hand over all the things you got and I’ll let you all die a quick death!”

“If not, after I kill you, I will play with these chicks after ……”

Fire Fiend said with a bad smile on his face!

Fire Phoenix and the few of them, listening to Fire Fury’s words, one by one, their angry faces and their unsightly faces!

“You don’t look at your own virtues, even if a few of us die, we won’t cheapen this rubbish of yours!”

Fire Phoenix spat viciously towards that Fire Fury!

If she hadn’t been relegated to the secular world and her strength had been greatly reduced, where would it be now that it was Fire Fury’s turn to flaunt his power here, Fire Phoenix would have slapped him to death!

“Since you guys aren’t afraid to die, then I will fulfil you ……”

After the Fire Fiend finished speaking, he raised his hands, and monstrous flames instantly filled the entire sky!


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