A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3046

Ichor, who was in the back, just looked at the two people in front with a sneer!

He knew exactly what was in the minds of the two people, but these two people really thought that IH didn’t know anything!

Along with the continuous deepening, a burst of low roar came from around the jungle!

“Fellow Daoist, you need to be careful, there are too many demonic beasts here, it’s very dangerous.”

“It’s fortunate that you met the two of us today and let the two of us lead you out of here, otherwise I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been able to walk out on your own at all.”

The man who was leading the group looked back at Ich and said!

He was afraid that Ikh would hear so many demonic beasts roaring low and get scared in not going!

“In that case, I have to thank you two more?”

Yihe said with a faint smile!

“That way there is no need, since you paid to hire us, these are what we should do.”

The man finished speaking and gave a wink towards the man beside him!

Only to see the man with the long scarf tied around his head quietly pull out a packet of powder from his pocket, and then shake it off onto the ground!

A strange fragrance wafted out, and soon the jungle’s surroundings resounded with a clutter of footsteps!

Dozens of demonic beasts, directly surrounded them, encircling Ichor and the others!

“Oops, why are there so many demonic beasts? This is troublesome.”

The man in the lead shouted!

He was purposely shouting for Yihe to hear so that Yihe wouldn’t suspect the two of them!

“That’s right, why did so many demonic beasts suddenly appear? It’s too scary ……”

Another man with a long scarf tied around his head shouted along!

Yi Hyuk looked at the two men and laughed “No need to be acting, what do you guys want by tricking me here?”

Once the two men heard that Ikh had recognised their plot, they stopped pretending at once!

“Fellow Daoist, if you hand over the money and mounts on your body, we won’t hurt your life, what do you think?”

The leading man asked!

“With just the two of you, are you my match?”

Ichor said with a cold smile! <br>
“It’s not the two of us here, these dozens of demonic beasts, all of them are bred by us, as long as we give the order, we will directly tear you into mush.”

The leading man said smugly!

“Is that so? Why do I somewhat disbelieve it?”

Ichor had a playful look on his face!

“You don’t believe it? Then I’ll show you ……”

The man with the long scarf tied around his head saw that Ikh didn’t believe it, so he snapped his fingers and said to a wolf demon “Go, bite him for me ……”

But the wolf demon stood, motionless, as if it hadn’t heard it at all!

The man was stunned, then once again shouted “Bite him for me ……”

The wolf demon is still not moving!

In the end, the man was anxious, once again took out a packet of powder with a hand, this time the fragrance is even more intense!

“Bite me, bite him for me ……”

The man roared, but none of the demonic beasts made a move!

This time, the two men were all confused, they couldn’t figure out why these demonic beasts didn’t listen anymore!

“They don’t seem to listen to you at all, but if I speak, they will definitely listen!”

Yi He finished speaking, then waved his hand and said “All get down ……”

Dozens of demonic beasts, instantly all obediently lay down on the ground!

The two people who saw this scene were directly dumbfounded!

They couldn’t understand how the demonic beasts that they had raised all listened to Yi He.

Just as Yi Hyuk still wanted to accompany the two fellows to have some fun, he suddenly frowned slightly!

He seemed to have sensed Kai’s presence!

And that Kai should be in danger at this moment!

To be able to be sensed, that proved that he could not be very far away from Kai!

As soon as he thought that Kai was nearby and in danger, Yi He immediately put away the playfulness on his face and then rode the white tiger towards the direction he had sensed!

“You want to run?”

The man with the long scarf tied around his head, seeing Yihe suddenly running on the white tiger, thought that he was scared, so he leapt forward and charged towards Yihe!


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