A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3045

After receiving Zuo Tianzheng’s notification, the rest of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury all tensed up as well!

Things had come to such a pass, and the internal core secrets of the Demon Sealing Alliance had also been blown out by them!

In that case, it would be a dead end for them to go back!

“Our top priority is to kill all those who know the inside story!”

“Otherwise, after this matter spreads, I’m afraid that the few of us would find it hard to die ……”

Wood Fury frowned and said with a worried expression!

“Right, Wood Fury is right, if we go back like this, we definitely won’t have any good fruit to eat, we’d better split up and intercept all those who know the inside story!”

Fire Fury’s eyes were filled with a vicious killing aura!

The four of them discussed, and then began to split up into multiple paths, intercepting those scattered cultivators, the Ning Family’s people, and Kai and the others!

As long as they didn’t leave the Extreme North Land, the news wouldn’t spread for a short period of time!

Meanwhile, at the edge of the Extreme North Land, within a dense jungle, a silhouette was rapidly travelling!

This is the last jungle into the extreme north land, through here will enter the extreme north land, behind is the vast snow plains, it is difficult to see green trees!

Within this jungle, the sounds of demonic beasts were constantly ringing out, but after approaching the silhouette of the human figure, all of these demonic beasts took the initiative to give way!

Underneath the silhouette, there was a pure white tiger, its eyes emitting a red light!

This person was no other than Yi He who had allowed the county princess to be healed in Jialing County!

After Kai left, the County Lord of Jialing County got rid of the poison in Yi He’s body, and now Yi He is travelling to the far north, precisely to look for Kai, and he is afraid that Kai is in some kind of danger!

But just at this moment, suddenly two people jumped out directly and stopped IH, the two people’s eyes stared straight at the white tiger that IH was sitting on!

This white tiger was also a mount that IHE had temporarily tamed, as a Demon Emperor, to tame a few demonic beasts, it wasn’t a piece of cake!

However, in the eyes of these two, to be able to obtain one of these mounts was simply harder than climbing up to heaven!r>
So the two of them saw Yihe riding a white tiger mount, so they wanted to stop it and keep it for themselves!

Yi He saw two people blocking the way, so he stopped!

“This fellow Taoist, I wonder where you’re heading to?”

One of them asked to Ich!

“Travelling to the far north to find someone!” Yihe replied!

“That’s quite a coincidence, we’re most familiar with this area, especially the land of the extreme north, our brother and I grew up in the land of the extreme north.”

“Since you’re looking for someone, we can help you out, only we need a small favour fee!”

The man exclaimed!

“As long as we can help me find someone, how many spirit coins we need, you guys can just ask!”

As a Demon Emperor, Yi Hyuk didn’t care about the little spirit coins!

“Not much, how about 100,000 spirit coins?”

The man said!

“I’ll give you a million, lead the way ……”

Yi Hyuk wasn’t familiar with the land of the extreme north, so having someone to lead the way could be faster!

The two men looked at each other, all of them smiling slightly!

“That’s good, you stay close to us behind ……” the man said, turned around and started heading deeper into the jungle!

“Big brother, this guy looks so rich ah, especially sitting down on the white tiger, definitely not low in strength.”

One of the men with a long scarf tied around his head said!

“I saw it long ago, that’s why I said that, dealing with this kind of person can only be done by outwitting them, you can’t fight hard!”

Another man said with the corner of his mouth slightly raised!

“How do you outsmart them?” The man with a long scarf tied around his head asked!

“Idiot, lure him to our territory ah, at that time release those demonic beasts we have bred and directly swallow this guy.”

“Wouldn’t all the money and the sitting white tiger on him be ours?”

Another man said smugly!

“It’s still big brother who is smart ……,” the man with the long scarf tied around his head immediately praised!


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