A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3044

During this period of time, they followed Gao Qilan and got familiar with each other!

Gao Qilan smiled, but did not say anything, because she knew that to follow Kai, she had to become his woman, but Gao Qilan was not Kai’s woman yet!

“Master, why don’t you take Sister Qilan in as well?” Fire Phoenix asked!

“Cough cough cough……Fire Phoenix don’t talk nonsense……”

Kai was so frightened that he coughed for a while!

It was a bit too much to say such words in front of someone’s brother!

Gao Qilan was a person, not a commodity, so he said he would take it!

“Miss Gao, Fire Phoenix speaks out of turn, don’t take offence!”

Kai hurriedly apologised after Gao Qilan!

After a hasty farewell, Kai and the others left, Kai was afraid that Fire Phoenix was talking nonsense!

Gao Qilan looked at Kai’s back, her eyes filled with sadness!

She wanted to follow Kai, but she didn’t know if Kai had himself in his heart!

And she couldn’t let go of her loved ones!

“Kai, will we meet again in the future?”

At this time, Gao Qilan shouted!

Kai stopped his steps and turned his head to look at Gao Qilan and said, “We will……”

Kai would definitely come back to the Extreme North because Su Yuqi had yet to be found!

When he was done with the other matters, he was going to come and look for Su Yuqi!

“Lan, do you like Chen?”

Gao Qiqiang looked at Gao Qilan and asked!

“Brother, don’t talk nonsense ……”

Gao Qilan denied it!

“Well, the feelings in your eyes can’t fool anyone, but it’s normal for a genius like Mr Chen to attract girls to like him.”

“You remember, your own happiness is something you have to fight for on your own ……”

Gao Qiqiang said with a faint smile!

Gao Qilan looked at Gao Qiqiang and seemed to understand something and nodded vigorously!

Just as Kai and the others departed to return to Jialing County, at the headquarters of the Demon Sealing Alliance, which was ten thousand miles away in the far north, Zuo Tianzheng, who was the head of the alliance, was a bit distracted at the moment!

“Is there still no news coming from the Five Elements Heavenly Fury?”

Zuo Tianzheng asked with a gloomy face!

“Allied Lord, there is no news yet!” The subordinate hurriedly replied!

“How many days has it been, and there’s no news at all, how are they doing their job?”

Zuo Tianzheng frowned!

He didn’t know what was going on, he was always distracted!

One must know that the nasty things they did were to be spurned and hunted down by the public!

The Demon Sealing Alliance relied on getting rid of demons and recruiting members to grow themselves, but behind the scenes, they followed the demons and colluded with them, protecting the umbrella for the demons!

Of course these devil races would also help Zuo Tianzheng to remove dissidents, and would also give a large amount of resources to the Demon Sealing Alliance!

After all, in the past, the Devil Race was also one of the three major races, and possessed many, many resources of all kinds!

But if this matter was known by outsiders, then it would be very difficult for their Demon Sealing Alliance to walk around in the Celestial Realm!

“Report ……”

Just as Zuo Tian was frowning, someone hurriedly ran to report!

“What is it? Is it that the Five Elements Heavenly Fury has news?” Zuo Tianzheng hurriedly asked!

“Alliance Master, there is indeed news, it’s the news sent back by the Fire Fury.”

“The Golden Fury was killed, they didn’t gain anything, now they are planning to take a break and go back to stop the person who got the treasure.”

The subordinate followed Zuo Tianzheng and reported!

“What? Golden Fury is dead? How did it die?”

Zuo Tianzheng was surprised!

One must know that Jin Fury was a cultivator at the peak of the Harmonisation Realm and was about to break through to the Transition Realm, so how could he be killed so easily?

Moreover, they were five people together, how could Jin Fury himself be killed?

Zuo Tian Zheng couldn’t figure out why!

“Alliance Master, because the sound transmission jade slip has limited time, it doesn’t go into detail!”

The subordinate didn’t know the inside story either, there was no way to follow Zuo Tianzheng’s explanation!

“Inform the rest of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury to come back to me immediately, I’m going to personally ask about this, it’s simply too outrageous.”

Zuo Tianzheng was afraid that it was the Five Elements Heavenly Fury infighting that killed the Golden Fury!

After all, the Golden Fury of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury was the strongest, and would definitely be envied!


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