A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3043

At this moment, there were only three people inside the hall, Kai, Gao Qiqiang and the Ancient Body Refining Clan Ancestor!

A sumptuous banquet, it was not easy to be able to make such a table in this far north land!

“Mr Chen, aren’t you curious, aren’t our Gao Family and the Ancient Body Refining Clan enemies, why can they still make it together?”

Gao Qiqiang asked to Kai!

Kai nodded, he was indeed very curious!

“Mr Chen, truth be told, if there were no Demon Race infesting this land of the extreme north, our two families would probably have been fighting forever!”

“It’s just that in these recent years, the demonic races in the Far North Land have been infesting frequently, so if our two families were to continue fighting, it would only create more opportunities for the demonic races!”

“This treasure hunting trip has exterminated a large number of demonic souls, and also killed two guardians of the Inferno Demon Clan, and now the demonic clans have obviously tightened up a lot.”

“All of this is Mr Chen’s credit ah, so we have to thank you for this ……”

Gao Qiqiang was very polite as he raised his glass!

The old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan also raised his glass to toast Kai!

The strength of the two people was much higher than Kai, almost able to reach the level of crushing, yet they were so respectful to Kai!

“Getting rid of demons and defending the Dao is the duty of us cultivators, the Gao Family Lord is serious ……”

“Rather, it is your Gao Family and the Ancient Body Refining Clan who have turned their differences into peace in order to destroy the Demon Clan, which is admirable ……”

Kai said as he raised his cup!

The three of them talked and laughed as they raised their cups and drank together!

“Gao Family Master, Patriarch, now that I have the Ice Pill, I wonder if you can tell me what the identity of that Jialing County Sheriff is?”

Kai was very curious about the identity of the Jia Ling County Lord!

Being able to know a lot of things about the land of the extreme north, knowing about the treasures of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and even possessing some of the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Divine King tokens!

Most of all, this Jialing County County Lord even knew that there was an Ice Pill in the Treasure Land, which was a secret of the Ancient Body Refining One Clan!

Gao Qiqiang and the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Patriarch looked at each other and all shook their heads!

“Mr Chen, since you’ve got the Ice Pill, wouldn’t you just go and ask that Jialing County Sheriff personally when the time comes?”

Gao Qiqiang said with a smile!

Kai saw that the two of them did not say anything either, so he did not pursue the matter any further!

After the meal, Gao Qiqiang was originally going to stay Kai for a night, but Kai was eager to go back, he wanted to take back the Ice Pill as soon as possible, so that the Jialing County Sheriff could heal Yi He!

Then they had to rush back to the Demon Imperial City to clean up that Huben and take back the Demon Imperial City!

They also had to go to Ming Li King City and retrieve their Divine King Bow!

There was also the Thunder Eagle King, the Demon Sealing Alliance, and all of these, all of which were probably going to find themselves in trouble at that time!

Kai felt that so many things were waiting for him!

Seeing that Kai wanted to go back as soon as possible, Gao Qiqiang did not forcefully retain him!

Kai brought Liu Ruyan, Fire Phoenix, Yu Jiameng, and Ji Yun to follow the crowd to say goodbye!

“Family Master Gao, Patriarch, this is goodbye, but there is something I still need your help with!”

Kai said, following the two of them with the matter of finding Su Yuqi!

Su Yuqi was lost from the land of the extreme north, so it would be most appropriate to have the two search for her!

“Don’t worry Mr Chen, as long as your girlfriend hasn’t left the Land of the Extreme North, we will definitely find her by all means!”

Gao Qiqiang said confidently!

“Although the land of the extreme north is a wide area, but it’s nothing to our two families, it’s easy to find someone.”

“As long as your girlfriend wasn’t captured by the Demon Clan!”

The matriarch said!

Kai also didn’t know who Su Yuqi had been taken by and if she was in any danger, but he didn’t have the time to stay in the Far North to look for it now!

At this moment, Gao Qilan was also amongst the crowd, looking at Kai with a look in her eyes!

I don’t know when, but Gao Qilan actually had Kai’s place in her heart!

“Sister Qilan, do you want to come with us?”

Fire Phoenix looked towards Gao Qilan and asked!


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