A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3042

At this moment, that Gao Qisheng was also filled with a state of confusion, this Ancient Body Refining Clan had traditionally followed the Gao Family in a state of discord!

How could the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Clan Chief still dare to go to the Gao Clan?

Is he not afraid of being arrested?

But just as they were all wondering, the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Clan Chief turned around and headed towards the direction of the Gao Clan!

Seeing this, Kai could only bring Ji Yun and the others to follow!

Neo Bao and those loose cultivators of theirs all said their goodbyes!

Along the way, although Kai wanted to ask the Ancient Body Refining Clan Chief why he dared to go to the Gao Clan, he never asked.

After nearly a day of travelling, the crowd arrived at the Gao Family!

At this time, Gao Qiqiang also seemed to have guessed the arrival of the crowd and was waiting at the door early!

When the ancient body refining clan patriarch followed Gao Qiqiang after meeting, and did not everyone imagine that the swords were drawn, but instead, they looked at each other and smiled!

Seeing the two people smiling at each other, Kai felt his scalp tingle!

He always felt as if these two guys were deceiving themselves!

“Big brother …………”

Gao Qisheng also walked forward in confusion, wanting to ask Gao Qijiang what was going on?

Why didn’t the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Clan Chief make a move to arrest them when they came?

Gao Qiqiang waved his hand, then said to the Ancient Refined Body One Clan Chief “The banquet is ready, please put ……”

The Ancient Refined Body One Clan Chief led the tile jar and they walked in.

Kai followed suit and looked at Gao Qiqiang, “Gao family head, what is going on here?”

“Mr Chen, we will explain it to you in a moment.”

Gao Qiqiang said with a faint smile!

“Kai ……”

When Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng saw Kai return, they all pounced over.

The two did not shy away and hugged Kai tightly!

Liu Ruyan, who was on the side, watched this scene with a very complicated expression on her face!

Although she knew that Kai had other women!

She had also thought about this kind of image, but when she saw it with her own eyes, she was still a little uncomfortable mentally!

After all, during this period of time, she was the one who accompanied Kai and was solely favoured by him!

Now that there was suddenly a woman competing with her for her favour, it made Liu Ruyan uncomfortable!

“Fire Phoenix, Jia Meng, this is the Liu Ruyan I told you about ……”

“During this time in the Celestial Realm, she has been taking care of me ……”

Kai introduced Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng!

Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng looked at Liu Ruyan with smiles on their faces!

“Sister Ruyan is truly a heavenly fairy, no wonder master can’t get enough of Sister Ruyan!”

Fire Phoenix said with a smile!

“Hello Ruyan sister ……”

Yu Jiameng extended her hand very politely!

The two did not feel the slightest bit of displeasure because of Ruyan Liu’s relationship with Kai!

After all, for the two of them, they wouldn’t be surprised by how many women Kai had and were used to it!

Ruyan Liu was just not used to it!

Liu Ruyan saw that Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng were so polite to herself and did not have the slightest bit of hostility, she instantly felt a little ashamed of herself!

“Hello guys ……”

Ruyan Liu said with a faint smile!

On the side, Ji Yun and Gao Qisheng looked at the scene in front of them, their eyes dropping out in envy!

“Mr Chen, the banquet is ready, let’s go ……”

Gao Qiqiang urged Kai!

If this was pulling up a child’s favour, it would be a matter of how long it would take!

“Good!” Kai nodded and followed Gao Qiqiang towards the hall of the Gao Family!

“Xiao Sheng, you are responsible for arranging the others, remember, take good care of them, they are all guests when they come to our Gao Family!”

Gao Qiqiang instructed Gao Qisheng!

“Got it!” Gao Qiqiang nodded!

Although he didn’t understand why Gao Qiqiang was so polite to the Ancient Body Alchemy Clan, but Gao Qiqiang’s words were holy orders, and Gao Qisheng wouldn’t dare to disobey them!

In the Gao Family, other than Gao Qilan who dared to follow Gao Qiqiang and be stubborn, there was no one who dared to follow Gao Qiqiang and contradict him!


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