A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3041

Now that they had escaped, the Treasure Land was a big trap, nothing was gained and they almost died in it, so the three of them planned to leave the Far North!

Perhaps they wouldn’t dare to come back in their lifetime!

“Several seniors, there is a time for regrets ……”

Kai arched his hand!

The three of them turned around and left, and soon their figures disappeared into the vast snowy plains!

At this time, Ning Caichen also looked at Kai and said “Little brother, no matter what faults you and I had before, but this time I, Ning, owe you a favour, and I’m also leaving, and the revenge for killing my son by the Demon Sealing Alliance, I’ll remember that!”

“Farewell Ning Family Master ……,” Kai raised his hand!

Ning Caichen left, followed by only two Ning family subordinates, a dozen people came at the beginning, but now there are only three left, even his son is hitched here!

This so-called treasure land is really harmful ……

“Mr Chen, we’ll take our leave as well, the kindness of saving our lives is forever unforgettable ……”

Neo Bao brought many loose cultivators forward and arched his hand at Kai!

These loose cultivators, none of them had a higher realm cultivation than Kai, but at this moment in front of Kai, they were all respectful!

“Fellow Daoists take care, you should try to travel in pairs, now that that Five Elements Heavenly Fury has escaped, and that the Demon Sealing Alliance has been exposed, they will surely find a way to kill all those who know the inside story, so you will be in great danger.”

Kai reminded Neo Bao and the others!

After all, Old Sun’s trio was highly powerful, and Ning Caichen, as the head of the Ning Family, also had a certain amount of power, but Neo Bao and these casual cultivators were different, they mostly fought alone, and when the time came, if they were targeted by the Demon Sealing Alliance, they would only be slaughtered!

“Thanks for the reminder Mr Chen, we will be travelling together in a group, but you also need to pay more attention, the Demon Sealing Alliance is almost all over the Celestial Realm, and they have a lot of eyes and ears.”

Neo Bao also reminded Kai!

“In this land of the extreme north, the Demon Sealing Alliance wouldn’t dare to mess around, if they dare to target Mr Chen, my Gao family will let them have no return ……”

Gao Qisheng said with a confident expression!

As long as the Demon Sealing Alliance dared to target Kai in the Extreme North, then the Gao Family would definitely not sit idly by!

Gao Qisheng wouldn’t have agreed to it!

“Targeting Mr Chen in the Extreme North Land, my Ancient Body Refining Clan will not agree to it either ……”

Just as Gao Qisheng’s words fell, an old voice rang out!

Only to see that not too far away, the patriarch of the Ancient Body Refining Clan slowly walked in, followed behind him by the two brothers, Tile Cylinder and Watt, as well as Liu Ruyan!

“Clan Chief, why are you guys here?”

Kai was astonished.

As for Gao Qisheng, when he saw the people from the Ancient Body Refining Clan, his expression immediately became tense!

There weren’t many Gao family members left that he had brought with him now, and now that the Ancient Body Refining One Clan Chief had come, how could the few of them be opponents!

But the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Clan Chief didn’t even look at Gao Qisheng and walked straight to Kai!

“How is it? Did you get the treasure?”

The patriarch asked.

Kai nodded “Got it, then took out the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s techniques and treasures from his storage ring!”

Seeing this, the matriarch unceremoniously took everything!

Kai did not say anything, after all, what he wanted was the Ice Pill, and with the Ice Pill in his hands, this Ancient Body Refining Clan’s techniques and treasures, he did not want!

“Did you get what you wanted?” The patriarch continued to ask.

Kai nodded again “Got it ……”

The others were dumbfounded, not understanding what the two were talking about!

“Kai, are you alright these past few days?” Ruyan Liu ran forward and tightly hugged Kai and asked!

“I’m fine ……”

Kai gently caressed Liu Ruyan’s head!

It had only been a few days since they had been separated, and the two of them were like three autumns apart!

“Let’s go ……” said the matriarch!

“Where to?” Kai looked surprised, not understanding where the matriarch was talking about going.

“Gao family ah, don’t you want to make a trip to the Gao family?”

The matriarch said with a faint smile!

“Go!” Kai nodded his head.

However, he was a little surprised, what was this Ancient Body Refining Clan’s Clan Chief doing going to the Gao Family?

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