A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3040

The others didn’t even know what was happening, they only knew that all of a sudden the ground was shaking and the wind and clouds were changing!

Kai and the others had been in the illusionary realm, so they hadn’t seen much of the battle inside at all, not to mention that they didn’t know that the old fiend had been annihilated!

“What’s going on here? How could this happen?”

“It’s as if this world is about to collapse, look at how the scenery all around you is rapidly shifting!”

“Could it be that old devil is dead?”

The crowd of cultivators were talking and acting very anxious.

As for the other few people from the Five Elements Heavenly Fiend, after seeing this, they glanced at each other, their bodies violently indulged and instantly disappeared!

Regardless of who won or lost, they were going to flee!

Even if the old fiend was victorious, they wouldn’t have any good fruit to eat!

The Golden Fiend was the best example, being possessed without a word and having his divine soul destroyed!

And at this moment, along with the demise of the old devil, the illusion was also disappearing!

Kai fought his way up and caught a soft light that was falling down!

When Kai looked, he found that it was actually a white bead!

“Ice Pill?” Kai’s eyes were wide open, filled with astonishment!

This Ice Spirit Dan had been swallowed by the old devil, and at that time, the Ice Spirit Dan was still not perfect, and there were still some black spots on it!

But now, the Ice Pill had unexpectedly become white and flawless, emitting a holy and soft white light!

“Could this be the gift that Elder Qinglong was talking about?”

Kai was overjoyed, with this Ice Vibrant Dan, he could go back and follow the County Head of Jialing County to deliver his orders!

Putting away the Ice Pill, Kai slowly walked out from the black mist!

The crowd saw that a golden light slowly appeared in the black mist, followed by a human figure!

So everyone had their hearts in their throats!

If this silhouette was the old devil, then all of them would not survive!

But soon, the crowd could see that it was Kai, not the old devil!

Now, they all breathed a sigh of relief!

Soon, the black mist all dissipated, and there were no more figures of other people!

“Mr Chen, where is the old devil?”

Ji Yun stepped forward and hurriedly asked!

“Dead, now that the world here is about to collapse, we have to take advantage of the opportunity to leave before it’s too late.”

Kai said to the crowd!

Once they heard that the old devil was dead and they could leave this place, they were all overjoyed!

No one asked about the treasure anymore, after all, staying alive was the most important thing!

The crowd started fleeing one after another, to take advantage of the complete collapse of the world to leave this place!

This side of the world was now shaking, there were cracks everywhere, they could completely leave!

“Where are those people from the Five Elements Heavenly Fury?”

Kai observed at this moment that the other few people from the Five Elemental Heavenly Fiends were surprisingly nowhere to be found!

“Probably fled, none of us were paying attention!”

Ning Caichen spoke!

“Running away is fine, if a few guys don’t run away, it will be difficult for us to deal with them.”

Old Sun said!

It was also true that by now, Kai was long exhausted, and it would be difficult to deal with the other four of the Five Elemental Heavenly Fiends just by relying on these other people!

“Let’s go, don’t delay ……”

Old Kong urged, he was afraid that after this side of the world completely collapsed, they would all be trapped here!

The group immediately leapt up, Ji Yun and Gao Qisheng escorted Kai on both sides, they could see that Kai was in a poor state and seemed exhausted!

The scenery in front of the crowd kept changing, and in the end, the white snowy plains appeared, and the crowd realised that they were considered to have completely left!

After completely escaping, the crowd all took in a deep breath, having the feeling of having survived a robbery.

“Brother Chen, thanks to you this time, you have saved us several times, in the future, if there is any need, just ask, we are absolutely obliged!”

“Now let’s say goodbye to this, there is a time for regrets ……”

Old Sun, Old Kong and Zuo Qing said to Kai!

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