A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3039

Seeing Qinglong in pain, Kai was very intolerant inside!

“Old thing, what are you waiting for?”

At this time, the agonised Green Dragon asked the old man!

Upon hearing this, the old man slowly looked towards Kai, and then his entire person became increasingly blurry, and the entire void began to become distorted!

In an instant, a large number of void cracks appeared all around, and the entire world seemed to be collapsing!

A huge suction force emerged from the void cracks!

When Kai saw this, his pupils immediately shrank, and his entire face turned ugly!

The suction force of this void rift was great, and if one was accidentally sucked in, they would definitely be twisted to pieces by the temporal turbulence!

When the old devil saw the appearance of the void rift, he was no longer calm, and said with a slight sense of panic, “Brother, what are you doing? Are you going to die with me?”

“Not bad, we should have died a long time ago, we shouldn’t have appeared in this world!”

“Only, but it’s time to pull the old dragon along to be buried with us ……”

The old man slowly spoke!

“Hahaha, even if I enter the void rift, I won’t necessarily perish completely, how can we dragons be like you mortal cultivators!”

The Green Dragon Primordial Spirit laughed out loud, seemingly unconcerned!

The old devil listened to the dialogue between the Green Dragon Neo Shen and the old man and became more and more nervous!

“Brother, do you have to cut me down to the bone? I can stop learning demonic skills, can’t I just dive into the Ancient Body Refining Technique?”

The old devil was afraid, if he really entered the void rift, it would all be over!

The old devil said as he struggled and kept waving out a black mist to stop the old man from continuing to open the void rift!

The old man’s figure was getting fainter and fainter, and was about to disappear!

The Green Dragon Primordial Spirit, on the other hand, fought to drag the old devil towards the void rift!

“Senior, don’t …………”

Kai desperately resisted the suction force of the void rift and shouted loudly!
<br> He did not want the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s old ancestor and the Green Dragon Neo Shen to die together in order to exterminate this old devil!

“Young man, your future is unlimited, don’t go astray ……”

The old man smiled as he looked towards Kai and slowly his entire being disappeared!

“Senior ……”

Kai shouted, his eyes filled with sorrow!

“Senior Qinglong, Senior Qinglong ……”

Kai looked towards the Green Dragon Elemental Spirit, who at this time, was deadlocked around the old devil and had already reached the place of the void crack!

“Don’t worry, even if I enter the void rift, my Neo Shen won’t necessarily perish, it’s just that we won’t know how many years we need to go through if we want to meet.”

“But I hope that by the time I see you, the Dragon Race will be revived at that time, and you will already be the Dragon Race Master.”

The Green Dragon looked towards Kai and said!

“Senior Green Dragon, I …………”

Kai did not know what to say as this was simply too far away for him!

Revitalising the Dragon Clan?

Becoming the Dragon Race Master?

That’s not something that can be achieved in a single sentence!

“At the last moment, I will have a gift for you ……”

The Green Dragon Primordial Spirit smiled faintly and dragged the old devil directly into the void rift!

A burst of dazzling white light emitted from within the void rift, and the old devil’s miserable voice came out, sounding very creepy!

Soon, from within that void rift, the Demon Drawing Whip quickly fell down, and Kai instantly caught it!

Just as Kai caught the Demon Drawing Whip, a soft white light fell out from that void crack!

Immediately after that, the void rift slowly closed!

In an instant, the entire heavens and earth began to tremble, the scenery around them shifted, and the world was beginning to collapse!

The two worlds of the old devil and the old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan both collapsed at this moment!

The place where Kai and the others were located was exactly where the two worlds merged, so the manifestation was particularly violent!


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