A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3038

“That’s no problem, these mole crickets don’t have the slightest value to me anymore anyway.”

“I’ll let them out here ……”

The old devil gently waved his hand, and the entire black mist space began to vibrate, and the surrounding black mist was slowly dispersing!

Just when the old man thought that the old devil really kept his promise, suddenly a black shadow came towards him and violently grabbed that God King Order!

“Hmph, I expected this move from you!”

The old man snorted coldly as his body retreated backwards rapidly!

At this moment, Kai saw this and instantly chopped out with his sword, stopping the old devil!

The old devil looked at Kai’s shaky appearance and couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh, “Just like you, you dare to stop me?”

After saying that, the old devil casually raised his hand and a black gas went towards Kai!

Kai fought to block it, and his entire body was instantly sent flying!

Even if he had followed the old man’s fusion, Kai was now no match for this old devil, not to mention the fact that he was now physically weak, trying to block the old devil was simply a fool’s errand!

Just as Kai was sent flying out with a blow, from within his sea of consciousness, the Green Dragon Neo Shen instantly rushed out!

The old devil did not notice, in his eyes, there was only Kai and the old man here!

“Don’t do any futile resistance, hand over the Divine King Order and I can let you die a quick and painful death!”

The old devil said with a cold smile on his face!

“Brother, you’re too careless, it’s really time to change this arrogant character of yours!”

The old man said with a face full of calmness when he saw the Green Dragon Primordial Spirit appear!

When the old devil heard this, his heart tightened and said “Brother, what do you mean by this? Could it be that at this point in time, you still have a card to play?”

The old devil didn’t believe it, it had come to this time, how could the old man still have a card!

“Of course there is, otherwise why would I trick you into this illusionary realm ……”

The corners of the old man’s mouth lifted!

Soon, the old devil felt a terrifying aura behind him, and looked back violently, only to find a huge green dragon, opening its bloody mouth was looking at him!

The old devil was startled, and his body steeply leapt up!

“What is this situation?” The old devil didn’t understand how a dragon could suddenly appear!

In fact, the old devil didn’t look closely, when he probed carefully once more, he would realise that this green dragon was nothing more than a Neo Shen, and wasn’t particularly strong!

Just when the old devil didn’t react, the green dragon suddenly wrapped the old devil up and was getting tighter and tighter!

Seeing this, the old man also instantly struck out, striking out a spiritual force that directly entered the body of the green dragon’s Neo Shen!

The old devil roared angrily, he didn’t expect how a green dragon suddenly appeared!

“Quickly, use the Demon Drawing Whip ……”

The old man yelled at Kai!

Kai was stunned and instantly brought out the Demon Drawing Whip, but he was hesitant to do so!

Now that the green dragon was wrapped around the old devil, Kai’s devil drawing whip swung down, and the one that hit would definitely be the green dragon Neo Shen!

At this time, the old devil struggled, his body erupted with gusts of black mist, he also sensed at this time, this green dragon was not the real body, it was just the Neo Shen, so the old devil was no longer alarmed!

“Humph, just you guys still want to control me, simply dreaming ……”

The old devil snorted coldly as the power that erupted grew more and more terrifying!

Kai looked at the Green Dragon Primordial Spirit that was struggling to support itself, and fiercely clenched his teeth and threw out the Demon Drawing Whip in his hand!

The Demon Drawing Whip emitted a golden light and immediately bound the Green Dragon and the old devil together!

Runes flowed on the Demon Drawing Whip, and a pinch of pain caused the old devil’s face to grimace!

This Demon Whip was targeting the Divine Sense, and now the old devil only felt like his head was going to explode!

The Green Dragon Primordial Spirit was also in extreme pain at this time, the energy emanating from the Demon Whip, even he suffered from it!

Although the whip is not a devil cultivator power small, but the green dragon does not have a real body, only the spirit, so the face of the whip, is also extremely painful!


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