A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3036

Seeing Kai’s hesitation, the old man then directly said to that Green Dragon Neo Shen “Old Dragon, tell me yourself, are you willing to sacrifice your Neo Shen?”

“If Kai dies, your Neo Shen won’t be able to keep you alive, but if you sacrifice your Neo Shen, we still have a fighting chance!”

When Kai saw that the old man was actually following the old dragon, he immediately revealed a surprised expression!

Kai didn’t even know that this Green Dragon Neo Shen could still communicate?

He had always used the Green Dragon Neo Shen as a weapon and had never thought that it could still have a mind of its own!

Amidst Kai’s shocked eyes, the Green Dragon Neo Shen slowly moved around!

“If I can be useful, it would be my honour ……”

The Green Dragon Neo Shen slowly spoke, his voice like muffled thunder!

“Kai, see, this old dragon has agreed, now that you have absorbed his Neo Shen, you will be able to fight!”

The old man urged Kai!

However, Kai was indifferent, and his entire being stared blankly at the Green Dragon Elemental God, with an indescribable complexity within him!

“Senior Green Dragon, since you possess a mind, then you can’t possibly tell who my father is? You definitely know, right?”

Kai asked excitedly!

At this moment, Kai was eager to know if his father was a dragon or not!

The green dragon nodded “Of course I know, it’s just that I can’t tell you right now, you have to live well because you will be the hope of the Dragon Clan ……”

“Now swallow my Neo Shen, so that your Dragon Crystal will be filled with the power of the Divine Dragon again ……”

Kai however shook his head “No, even if I die, I will not swallow your Neo Shen, absolutely not ……”

Kai had no way to do so, although he had never communicated with the Green Dragon Neo Shen after him, but time and time again, the Green Dragon had saved him many times!

Now letting him swallow the Green Dragon Neo Shen, Kai couldn’t do it ……

“You little doll, why are you so stubborn? Could it be that you’re just waiting to die and have everyone accompany you?”

The old man roared at Kai with some anger!

However, Kai was indifferent, at this moment, within Kai’s body, a weak aura was travelling around and then slowly became stronger!

This was Kai squeezing the last ounce of power within his body, in the end he would follow the old devil to his death even if he had to burn his own essence blood!

“Madman, what a madman ……”

The old man was helpless when he saw this, he did not expect Kai to be so stubborn!

But when the green dragon saw this, he laughed out loud “Kings and dukes, it is better to have seeds, our divine dragon clan has never lowered its head …………”

“Hahaha, hahaha …………”

“You still laugh out, we are all going to be finished, if you let this brother of mine leave here, outside is afraid that there will be another bloody rain, our Ancient Refined Body Clan will have another calamity.” The old man was very worried inside!

If the old devil escaped, the Ancient Body Refining Clan would definitely be forcibly controlled, and then cultivate demonic techniques!

In that case it wouldn’t be long before there would no longer be an Ancient Body Refining Clan!

“There’s no need to be so pessimistic, if you and I join forces, maybe the result won’t be like what you think ……”

The green dragon looked towards the old man with a bit of confidence in his eyes!

The old man seemed to see something in Qinglong’s eyes, and could only smile faintly, directly forcing his thoughts to detach after Kai!

The old man’s figure slowly appeared, Kai was surprised in his heart, it had come to this point, how come this old man detached from the fusion?

“Senior, what are you doing?”

Kai asked in confusion!

“Now even if we fuse, there is no way to defeat my brother, so why not just separate, perhaps there is still almost this way!”

The old man slowly said!

Kai couldn’t understand what the old man meant at all, the fusion of the two didn’t work, could it be possible to separate?

One must know that the old man was only a wisp of residual soul, without a physical body, his strength would be greatly reduced!


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