A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3035

Kai sat up with a new end, quietly recovering his strength!

In the endless black mist, all sorts of spells suddenly appeared, and all sorts of elemental attacks all came towards Kai in a brainstorming manner!

Kai sat quietly, looking at the various attacks in front of him, trying to remain calm!

Seeing Kai, Kai was struggling to control his heart!

When the various techniques arrived in front of him, and he saw that he was about to be overwhelmed, Kai’s body was moving, instinctively trying to dodge!

“Steady …………”

The old man suddenly said!

Kaiyuan’s body, which had wanted to dodge, slowly quieted down!

He watched as those spells hit his body!

Only, Kai did not feel any attack, and it was as if those spells had given out in front of his eyes in an instant!

It was not until this time that Kai realized that the things in these illusions could not bring substantial damage to himself at all!

Kai was merely blinded by his mind, so when he saw an attack, he instinctively went to dodge, not even thinking about anything else!

If they kept attacking and Kai kept dodging, even if Kai was not killed, he would be exhausted alive!

Seeing Kai not moving at all, not caring at all about the various art attacks!

The old devil frowned, followed by the black mist that once again visualized various demonic beasts!

The shapes of these beasts were different and looked very scary, and all of them walked towards Kai with their bloody mouths open!

The old devil was planning to use these demonic beasts to make Kai afraid!

However, Kai closed his eyes slightly and did not even look at those demonic beasts anymore, even when they reached his eyes, Kai was still indifferent!

“Senior, even if we are not in danger in this illusionary realm, but with my current physical strength, I am afraid that there is no way to support that old devil’s attack.”

“When he sees that the illusionary realm is useless to us, he will definitely launch an attack, how are we going to deal with it then?”
<br> Kai asked worriedly!

After all, there was very little power left in Kai’s body, and trying to fight after the old devil was almost just impossible!

The old man did not speak, but was silent for a moment and said “In fact, you still have a power that you have not used ……”

“What power? The Origin of Illusion?”

Kai hurriedly asked!

It was true that he hadn’t used the Origin of Illusion, after all, he hadn’t used any illusions during the fight!

The old man shook his head slightly and said “Divine Dragon Power, as a Golden Dragon True Body, you must have a lot of Divine Dragon Power in your body!”

Kai glanced at the dragon crystal on his chest and said helplessly “I have also used my divine dragon power, and now there is not much left within the dragon crystal!”

Kai had used all of his divine dragon power, where was there any left!

“Although your Dragon Crystal doesn’t have the power of the Divine Dragon, but don’t forget that you still have a Green Dragon Neo Shen present, it has always existed in your sea of consciousness.”

“Isn’t this the right time to use it? How much divine dragon power can one dragon’s Neo Shen transform?”

The old man said to Kai!

When Kai heard this, he was dumbfounded, knowing that this Green Dragon Neo Shen had saved him many times!

Although Kai had never communicated with the Green Dragon Elemental God after him, every time he summoned the Green Dragon, the Green Dragon Elemental God would appear in time!

Now that the old man was asking him to absorb and transform the Green Dragon Elemental God, it was a little too much for Kai to accept!

“What, are you hesitating? If you die, everything in your sea of consciousness will be reduced to nothing.”

The old man could see Kai’s reluctance!

“Elder, I …………”

Kai opened his mouth, still not daring to make up his mind, he had always been known as the son of the dragon, all the divine dragons he regarded as family!

Now that he was to be allowed to absorb this Green Dragon Neo Shen, Kai was simply unwilling to give up!

If one’s strength was high, as long as one’s Neo Shen was there, there was still a way to resurrect, but if the Neo Shen was all gone, then it would be truly and completely gone!


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