A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3034

“Not for nothing, it depends on your perception ……”

“There are three types of illusions, distinguished as blindfolding the eyes, blinding the mind, and blinding the intellect ……”

The old man slowly said!

“Blindfolded eyes, blindfolded mind, blindfolded wisdom?”

Kai had a puzzled look on his face, although he was considered proficient in Illusion Arts, no one had really explained it to him!

Now that he heard the old man say so, Kai was instantly interested!

He was also very short of having a master to explain things to him right now!

And since this old man was an illusionist, Kai listened very carefully!

“Blindfolding, as the name suggests, is to use an illusion to blind your eyes, so that you can’t see what’s going on around you and always think that you’re in another place.”

“The so-called magic performances can all be called a form of illusion as well, using various techniques to blindfold your eyes and make you believe in what he’s doing, causing you to create a false impression.”

“Blindfolding the mind, on the other hand, is the use of illusions to blind your heart, making you think uncontrollably, or do something; some hypnosis techniques, which are used in this way, hypnotise a person, and then they can ask questions that the other person has to answer.”

“And blinding wisdom is the highest layer, blinding one’s mind and thoughts, even if you are awake, even if everyone opposes you and persuades you, you will be convinced that you are right.”

“Some so-called success gurus are using words to blind some people, making these people lose the ability to think independently, whatever the other side says, is right, even if they are cheated out of their money, they will not repent, no matter how many people persuade them, it’s useless.”

“This is the highest realm of Monk Wisdom, to do this, there are times when there is no need to fight, if you directly tell the other party to go to hell, the other party will go to hell without hesitation.”

“In his eyes, you are the master, you are the god who controls everything ……”

“I use this most common and easy to understand words to tell you, I hope you can listen to understand, can have an epiphany ……”

Kai listened to the words of the old man, his heart shook greatly, he did not expect that this old ancestor of the Ancient Body Refinement Clan would even know this!
<br> What magic, hypnosis, surprisingly even the Success Master knew!

This couldn’t have come from the secular world as well, right?

But all of this was unimportant, what mattered was that this kind of layman’s explanation did allow Kai to understand a lot!

“Senior, then what do we do now?”

Kai asked to the old man!

“What we need to do now is to be quiet, the enemy is not moving and I am not moving, we have consumed too much spiritual energy, we cannot consume it at will.”

The old man said slowly!

Kai understood and nodded!

Kai sat cross-legged and motionless, slowly restoring the various powers within his body!

When the old devil saw that Kai was not moving, he did not panic, knowing in his heart that it must be his own brother who had made this happen!

So the old devil waved his hand, only to see that in the thick black mist, a breath suddenly broke through the black mist and came straight towards Kai!

Whoosh …………

This breath was very fast, only to be seen arriving right in front of Kai’s eyes!

Kai’s heart shook as his entire body hurriedly leapt up and dodged this attack!

However, just after dodging, several demonic beasts instantly rushed out from the surroundings, and these demonic beasts all attacked Kai!

Kai frowned, his body constantly dodged and moved, and he continuously swung his fists, hitting those demonic beasts!

Only after dealing with these demonic beasts did Kai feel even weaker!

“Damn it, consumed a lot of strength again ……”

Kai cursed!

“As I said, the principle of these illusions, you are now just blinded, what your eyes see is not necessarily true, and what your heart thinks is not necessarily true.”

The old man’s words slowly rang out!

When Kai heard them, he froze in place and thought slightly!

Soon, Kai’s eyes lit up as he said “Senior, I may have comprehended ……”

Kai seemed to understand what was going on


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