A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3032

“Huh, strange ……”

Kai frowned!

“It seems that things are more complicated than we thought ……”

The old man slowly spoke, his voice carrying a bit of gloom!

Kai looked around, at this moment, that old devil had indeed been decapitated and dissipated into a black mist!

This old devil himself was a wisp of residual soul now, only that so many years had made his residual soul look as if it had materialised!

As long as this guy was swallowing that Ice Spirit Dan, he would be able to remake his physical body!

But now, the old devil’s wisp of residual soul had all gone up in smoke, and it was simply impossible for it to be surviving!

“Elder, what the hell is going on?”

Kai asked with a puzzled face!

“He was run away by him, even though he himself is only a wisp of a remnant soul, but I didn’t think that he would even split off a part of his soul to vanish!”

“Even if he only has a wisp of residual soul left at this point, this side of his world will not collapse!”

“But this remaining trace of residual soul is no longer a threat, its strength will be greatly reduced, and it will not be possible for it to survive for much longer!”

The old man slowly replied!

Upon hearing this, Kai did not expect this old devil to be so meticulous that he had even separated out a portion of his wisp of residual soul!

But just as Kai was planning to breathe a sigh of relief, a voice rang out icily!

“Brother, aren’t you underestimating me too much? Do you really think that I will escape?”

At that moment, that Golden Fiend took two steps forward, a sinister smile on his face!

The rest of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury, dumbfounded, looked at the Golden Fury, although they were a little surprised, but it seemed that they were all prepared in their hearts!

Just now, when the Golden Fury suddenly changed his face, the others could tell that something was wrong!

Now it seemed that this Golden Fury was indeed possessed by the old devil!

In such a short period of time, it should be too late to fuse, so the Golden Fury should have been possessed!

Kai looked at the Golden Fury and his brows instantly furrowed!

“You even possessed someone else, but you only have a trace of your remnant soul left, in possessing someone else, your strength cannot be utilised at all.”
r> “Why don’t you run away? Thinking that by possessing others, you can defeat me?”

Kai said quietly!

“Possessed?” The corners of the old devil’s mouth lifted up “I won’t possess, now this is me ……”

The old devil’s words immediately startled everyone!

Obviously, this old devil was not possessing the Golden Fiend, but had directly extinguished the Golden Fiend’s divine soul!

In this way, there was only this remnant soul of the old devil controlling the Golden Fury’s body, and there was no one vying for control of the body!

If this trace of the old devil’s residual soul left, the Golden Fury would be a corpse!

The other people of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury, hearing the old devil’s words, were shocked and angry, but there was nothing they could do, since they chose to co-operate with the old devil, they could only co-operate to the end!

Now in this situation, if the old devil could win in the end, the few of them could still survive!

In this way, even if the Golden Fiend himself was sacrificed, it would not be a bad idea!

Thinking of this, the rest of the Five Elements Heavenly Fiends were relieved!

After all, people were not for themselves, let alone people like them!

“You think that you can deal with me, just like that? How strong can you be with only a trace of your remaining residual soul, even if I don’t make a move, you have no chance of winning!”

Kai’s eyes were filled with disdain!

Even if it wasn’t possession, the only trace of residual soul left in the old devil was afraid that not even a hundredth of his true strength existed, there was nothing to be afraid of at all!

“You are right, this remnant of my soul is indeed nothing to be afraid of, but don’t forget that I still have it ……”

The old devil said, and directly took out the Ice Spirit Dan!

Only to see that there were still dots of black spots on the Ice Spirit Dan, which immediately turned pure white!

“I originally used him to reshape my flesh and restore my strength, but now it seems that I can only let it restore part of my strength.”

“As for remodelling my flesh, I’ll think of a way to do it again, but today, I have to kill you ……”

After the old devil finished speaking, he swallowed that Ice Pill in one bite!

Seeing this, Kai chopped out his sword in an attempt to stop it, but it was simply too late, the old devil had already swallowed the Ice Spirit Dan!


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