A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3031

The old devil’s body appeared and disappeared, as if it was about to vanish at the slightest touch!

Kai pointed his sword at the old devil, and the Nine Shadows doppelganger behind him also disappeared!

The energy of his main body could not be supporting so many doppelgangers!

However, things had come to an end, all should end!

“Mr Chen is awesome ……”

“Brother Chen won, won ……”

Ji Yun as well as Old Sun and the others shouted, Kai had won, that meant they could leave here alive!

When the Five Elements Heavenly Fiend several people saw this scene, they almost didn’t fall to their knees!

The old devil was finished, could the few of them still run?

When the matter of the Demon Sealing Alliance spread out, not only the few of them, but their entire Demon Sealing Alliance would probably be subjected to spurning and hunting!

“While that old devil still has a breath, we’d better leave quickly, they shouldn’t notice us at this time ……”

Fire Fiend said to Gold Fiend!

“Right, we’d better escape, if that old devil is completely dead, the next thing is to deal with us.”

The Wood Fiend was also filled with nervousness, advocating for a quick escape now!

But who knew that the Golden Fury, who originally had a tense face and was dazed with fear, had a cold look in his eyes at this moment, and the corners of his mouth raised into a few cold smiles!

“Why do you want to run? Do you guys think I’m that easy to kill?”

Golden Fury counted with a bashful face!

“Golden Fury, what time is it, you’re still pretending, even that old devil is no match, what can the few of us do?”

“If you want to stay, then stay by yourself, I won’t accompany you to wait for death!”

Fire Fury was in a hurry, what time is it, still pretending here!

But just as Fire Fury turned around and wanted to leave, Gold Fury suddenly grabbed Fire Fury’s collar!

“Without my words, not a single one is allowed to leave ……”

Gold Fury said coldly!

Fire Fury’s face changed, struggling to break free, but he found that surprisingly he was in the hands of that Gold Fury actually could not break free at all!

The Fire Fury’s face was shocked, knowing that the two of them were about the same strength, how could this happen?

And the side of the wood brake seems to see what, a pat fire brake said “we all stay, perhaps things still transformed ……”

Seeing this, Fire Fury also quieted down!

On the other hand, Kai pointed his sword at the old devil who had already been dying, now Kai only needed to gently touch it and the old devil would completely disappear!

The remnants of his soul wouldn’t exist either, and he would disappear from the world forever.

And the side of the world he had created would collapse along with him, and the place would change again!

“Brother, don’t blame brother for being hard-hearted, people will eventually die, even if we all become Immortals, there is still a piece of longevity.”

“There is no eternal immortality, even less eternal life, resign yourself to your fate ……”

The old man looked at the old devil who had long since been dying and slowly said!

The old devil lowered his head and did not say a word, as if he did not even have the strength to speak!

Kai then slowly swung the Dragon Beheading Sword in his hand!

An unnoticeable sword aura instantly chopped at that old devil’s body!

The old devil did not struggle, did not even scream, his entire body turned into a mass of black mist and began to float away!

“Whew, it’s finally over ……”

Kai let out a long breath, at this point, he had long been exhausted!

If this sword just now could not kill the old devil, Kai did not know what to do!

Seeing that the old devil had finally died, Ji Yun and Old Sun, including that Ning Caichen, all let out a long breath, their hearts excited!

The entire hall gradually quieted down, and everyone seemed to be waiting for something!

However, after a while, there was no movement here!

Kai could not help but frown slightly!

In theory, when that old devil died, his side of the world would collapse, and there would only be the world of the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s old ancestor left to support it!

But right now, this piece of emptiness could not be seen to have changed in any way, and even more so, it could not be seen to have collapsed!


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