A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3029

The palm imprints were getting lower and lower, while the palm imprints were getting smaller and smaller, constantly condensing!

Those lightning powers were also condensing together!

It seemed to condense all the power in one place!

In the end, the Running Thunder Palm became only the size of a human’s palm, covering the top of the old devil!

All the power of thunder and lightning also condensed in one place, and a dazzling and eye-catching thunderbolt blasted down!

The most powerful thing about the Running Thunder Palm wasn’t the power of the palm print, but rather, in the centre of the palm, it was the constantly rushing thunderbolt power!

“Ah …………”

As this lightning power struck down, the old devil finally let out a miserable scream!

This proved that the Running Thunder Palm had caused heart-rending damage to this old devil!

The Running Thunder Palm slowly disappeared, while that old devil’s chest at the moment appeared to have an incomparably large dark hole!

This old devil with a remnant soul, even if he had this kind of damage, he would be able to recover in the fastest time, after all, he no longer had a physical body!

However, this time, there was no way to recover from that large hole blasted out by the Running Thunder Palm!

Looking at the large, dark hole in his chest, the old devil’s eyes were thick with disbelief!

This Running Thunder Palm was not his brother’s means, as he knew, but how could Kai, a small cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm, have this palm technique?

Shocked, extremely shocked!

It was only now that the old devil truly realised that he had taken Kai too lightly and underestimated him!

Kai was giving him shock over and over again!

“This time, that old devil must be dead, right?”

Kai looked at the old devil and felt that he should be dead this time!

“He didn’t die, even this kind can’t kill him!”

After the old man finished speaking, he grabbed the old devil with a big hand and directly picked him up!

“Brother, must you rush to the end?”

The old devil looked at Kai and said!

At this moment, the old devil’s face was very ugly and his face was hideous, his entire body was injured, and a large hole appeared in his chest!

Now the old devil’s breath was much weaker, so he was no longer talking so wildly!

He also wanted to use his kinship to make the old man let him live!

“If you don’t completely perish, I won’t be willing to dissipate like this either, you and I brothers should leave together.”

The old man had long since lost his affection at this point, and he only wished to follow the old fiend and perish together!

“You guys are shameless, too shameless, how on earth did you guys come up with such a real split?”

“I don’t believe that a tiny Harmonisation Realm cultivator would have a split, and so many of them!”

The old devil was upset, he did not understand, how did Kai, a Harmonisation Realm cultivator, come to have a split body?

Even at their peak, it was impossible for them to manifest so many doppelgangers!

“Since you want to see it, then I will let you see it ……”

The old man slowly spoke, then turned to Kai and said “You also learnt from it, such a good sword stance, you have surprisingly only learnt the skin of it.”

After saying that, the old man took control of Kai’s body and slowly picked up the Dragon Beheading Sword!

In an instant, countless golden lights bloomed on the Dragon Beheading Sword!

“Nine Shadow Sword Technique, Final Style …………”

Accompanied by a cold cry, the light on the Dragon Beheading Sword instantly reached its extreme!

The piercing light caused the crowd to all not dare to look directly at it!

The Dragon Beheading Sword was in Kai’s hand, gently swung downwards, and instantly, the void seemed to be cut open with a crack!

A number of figures appeared, all of which were Kai holding the Dragon Beheading Sword!

Each figure was so real!

These people followed Kai exactly, even their expressions were perfectly replicated!





The nine figures all stood behind Kai, counting Kai’s own body, there were ten Kai, exactly the same!

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned, they had never seen such a spectacle before!

“Illusion, this is definitely an illusion, you are using illusion to deceive me ……”

The old devil looked at this scene and did not believe it at all.


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