A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3028

Gradually these black mists kept condensing together.

A giant beast of various forms drilled out from the black mist and came towards the old devil, seemingly to help him out of his trap.

Seeing this, the corner of Kai’s mouth hooked into a cold smile, and the hand holding the Demon Drawing Whip instantly rose in a burst of flame!

The flames directly ignited the Demon Drawing Whip and burned violently!

At the same time, the dao dao pattern on the old devil’s body followed suit with flames.

Those demonic beasts that were illusory of black mist, after touching the flames, one by one, they let out miserable cries and their bodies once again turned into black mist.

The old devil kept struggling, but it was simply useless, this Demon Whipping Whip was exactly opposite to his technique!

Along with constantly flinging the whip, all kinds of spiritual power and origin power in his body were emitted outward like no money was needed!

In the end, the old devil stopped struggling and seemed to have completely resigned to his fate!

Seeing that the old devil was not struggling, Kai let out a long sigh of relief!

“It’s done ……”

Kai was excited inside!

The others also instantly became excited when they saw this scene, this was equal to all of them coming through the gates of hell!

On the other hand, those Five Elemental Heavenly Fiends were, at this moment, each one of them had an ugly face compared to the other!

They wanted to escape, but they didn’t dare to move, even the old fiend had been subdued, where would the few of them have a chance to escape!

The old devil looked at the excited Kai, was a cold snort, “You are happy too early, even if I now do not control, no power to fight back, you will not want to be able to kill me …….”

“I don’t believe, I have a whip in hand, still can’t kill you ……”

Kai said, and the Demon Drawing Whip fiercely struck the old devil’s body!

“I let you be so bullish just now, now you know how powerful Little Master is, right?”

Kai lashed down whip after whip, using every bit of his strength!

The old devil had a grimace on his face, it was obvious that it was very painful, but with so many strokes, he hadn’t even died yet!

Kai was panting slightly, all that spiritual energy he had replenished was about to be consumed!

“Don’t fight anymore, there is no way for you to completely make him perish at this rate, it’s better for me to do it ……”

The Ancient Body Refining Clan Ancestor slowly spoke up!

Seeing this, Kai could only give control of his body back to the old man!

Kai stood quietly and did not move, seemingly thinking about something!

“You possess so many artefacts, then I will choose one and let you take a good look at it.”

“Remember, you must take a good look, it might help you!”

The old man said to Kai!

After saying that, he saw both of his palms raised upwards, followed by turning into a holding position!

In an instant, a huge palm appeared in mid-air, just like the palm of the Rulai God!

And in the middle of the palm, a thunderbolt continuously roared.

“Running Thunder Palm ……”

Accompanied by Kai’s loud shout, the huge palm rumbled downwards!

This was the first time Kai had performed the Running Thunder Palm after he had perceived the Lightning Origin, and the Running Thunder Palm would definitely increase its power by a lot with the enhancement of the Lightning Origin!

Not to mention that this time the Running Thunder Palm was performed by the old man himself, Kai quietly learnt!

Rumble …………

Accompanied by a roar, it was as if the sky was crumbling!

The palm imprint continued to press down, and even the void was distorted by the pressure!

Everyone stared blankly at the huge palm falling from the sky, their eyes filled with shock!

In their eyes, this was simply a divine means!

Along with the palm print getting lower and lower, countless thunderbolts were continuously bombarding the ground, and every single one of them would form a deep pit when it hit the ground!

More lightning power all hit the old devil’s body, causing the old devil to be in agony!

Kai watched carefully, unwilling to let go of any detail!

He knew that this might be the last time in his life that someone would teach him!


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