A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3027

“I don’t care if it’s an illusion, or a diversion, I want you dead ……”

The old devil roared, and his palms fiercely grabbed towards Kai!

And Kai quickly pulled out his Demon Drawing Whip and fiercely lashed it in the air, directly erupting into a thunderous sound.

When the old devil was stunned, he saw the runes surging on that Demon Drawing Whip.

And in the next moment, a golden runic pattern was abruptly formed on the old devil’s arm, and then it rapidly diffused, surging all over his body in the blink of an eye.

This golden pattern even followed the runic pattern on the Demon Drawing Whip, echoing each other, as if they were one and the same.

The old devil was greatly shocked, this golden pattern was like a chain, it was even constantly tightening, imprisoning his actions.

“What kind of tactic is this, when did you lay these ripples on me?”

The old devil looked at Kai with some surprise.

He had always been careful and had never noticed any problems with his body.

This golden rune that bound him, when exactly did Kai lay it on himself?

“It was when you caught me, do you think I was that easy for you to catch? I was caught by you on purpose.”

“You fool, you still thought that you could easily crush me to death, now you know how powerful grandpa I am, right?”

Kai said to the old devil with a mocking face.

“Ah …… you liar, liar ……”

The old devil roared angrily!

He had been wary of the other party’s illusions, but he didn’t want to be caught in the path even if he didn’t use them!

Kai kicked the old devil out, and a light slowly rose from his body.

An aura filled with the light of the stars permeated out from Kai’s body.

“Origin power!” The old devil looked at Kai with disbelief.

How could a small cultivator of the fourth grade of the Harmonisation Realm have Origin Power? Even if one was able to perceive Origin Space, that would be considered a rare genius in ten thousand years!

And Kai now had Origin power within his body, this was too outrageous, too outrageous ……

“Brother, you think you’ve counted everything, you didn’t think that the old man, the inheritor, had this kind of power, did you.”

The old man couldn’t help but laugh at this time “And let me tell you, within this body of his, the origin space is the cosmic stars, that’s why you feel the radiant breath of the stars.”

“As the saying goes, youth is better than blue, I advise you to obediently give up this wisp of your residual soul, don’t be in the delusional thinker of conquering the Ancient Body Refinement Clan, and conquering the entire Celestial Realm.”

“We’re all old, we simply can’t keep up with the times anymore ……”

The old man bitterly persuaded his brother that a Harmonisation Realm fourth grade cultivator possessed this kind of perverted physical body, possessed a cosmic star-like origin space, and had sensed several kinds of origin power!

Even in their time, they wouldn’t be able to find someone with such a genius!

“I won’t give up, I definitely won’t, you scumbags, why don’t you dare to fight me blatantly hard, but play dirty tricks?”

“You guys have the Demon Drawing Whip, why didn’t you take it out earlier? You guys are simply too bad.”

The old devil was so angry that he almost spat out blood and roared loudly.

“I’ll take it out whenever I’m happy to, what do you care?”

“Since you won’t give up, then don’t blame me.”

Kai shouted explosively, and the Demon Drawing Whip in his hand was instantly thrown out!

Accompanied by the surge of runes on the Demon Drawing Whip, it gushed out like a river boiling, and flew into the golden pattern that wrapped around the old devil.

A streak of golden light flashed, directly binding the old devil to death!

“I won’t be trapped that easily.”

Feeling his entire body constantly tightening up, the old devil roared angrily.

Accompanying the old devil’s roar, the black mist in the heavens and earth continuously surged from all directions, towards the direction he was in.


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